The Google Voice Assistant is now available on Android smartphones.
Google Voice Assistant: Now on Android smartphones

Google Voice Assistant: After the language assistant was only available exclusively for Google Pixel Smartphones, Google has now begun to extend its language assistant to Android smartphones. You are able to install the app – but as often happens – there is a ‘but’. We will explain exactly what this is in a moment.. The Google […]

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The new Nintendo console will be launched under the name “Switch”.
New Nintendo Switch console: Switch has arrived

Fans of Mario and Zelda etc. have been waiting for the new Nintendo console and will certainly be celebrating today. Because Nintendo Switch has arrived! It was announced in  2015 as “NX”, it is available to buy now. The great thing about the switch console is that you can play everywhere. At home on TV, […]

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A new WhatsApp version: WhatsApp Business is aimed at companies.
WhatsApp Business: New app version for companies

One billion people worldwide use Messenger WhatsApp. But this is not enough for the parent company Facebook. Founder Mark Zuckerberg wants even more users to use the new app version WhatsApp Business. With WhatsApp Business, he wants to appeal to small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. Read on to find out what it’s all about. […]

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The Nokia phone is back. The cult mobile phone shines not only with its color display, but also with a long time between charges. Photo: Nokia
Nokia 3310: Return of the classic with Snake game

Phone calls and SMS – these are the focus of the new old Nokia 3310. The mobile phone classic came on the market in the year 2000 and was presented as a modern variant at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). But it’s not only the cult mobile phone that is returning, but also the cult […]

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Criminals are trying to move into Google Chrome with a pop up window to download the Hoefler text.
Hoefler text in pop up window: Fraud on Google Chrome browser

It is becoming a frequent issue – websites are not displayed correctly because the font is distorted. If you install the missing font, the problem is usually fixed. But beware! On Google Chrome browser, criminals are just trying to get you to install the Hoefler text. But you should steer clear of doing this, because […]

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A new Android Trojan lets fraudsters control your device remotely.
Android Trojans grants hackers remote access: Fake Adobe Flash Player

We have reported many times about Android Trojans. Anyone who opens the door to the well disguised Trojans, gives them almost complete access rights and the possibility to control your device remotely. The malicious software then reads entries on the screen and transmits them to the author. In order to do this, it must be […]

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If you shop at Amazon fake shops, you could be waiting in vain for the truck with its goods. The Amazon fraud has been running for years.
Amazon Fraud: No end in sight to the fake shops

On a daily basis, Amazon fictitious goods worth over 400 million pounds are uploaded to fake shops after dozens of seller accounts were hacked. This particular Amazon fraud has been running for about four years. And the online retailer apparently can find no way to protect either its sellers in the Amazon Marketplace, nor the […]

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Two-factor authentication makes your WhatsApp account even safer.
Two-factor authentication: More security for WhatsApp

A new update is here to make the UK’s favourite messenger app even more secure. After the end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication is now here. This allows you to protect your WhatsApp account even better. We will explain how to do this and what you need to do to activate verification in two steps. WhatsApp is still […]

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Cancer trollware annoys Windows users, but is safe.
Cancer trollware is about: Computer virus annoying Windows users

A new virus is going around. Cancer trollware is particularly annoying for Windows users. This pest does not cause any actual harm to your computer, but instead nests itself deeply within Windows. This malware is what some security experts call trollware and is produced with the sole intention of annoying users. Even worse, it renders […]

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Beware of WhatsApp emails – phishing threatens.
WhatsApp email is fake: Phishing alert

Have you ever received a WhatsApp email? How can that be? – because WhatsApp does not know your e-mail address. However, at the moment there are more and more alleged WhatsApp emails doing the rounds. These are WhatsApp phishing mails. Extreme caution needs to be exercised, because cybercriminals are once again preying on careless users. […]

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