Android Trojans grants hackers remote access: Fake Adobe Flash Player

A new Android Trojan lets fraudsters control your device remotely.

We have reported many times about Android Trojans. Anyone who opens the door to the well disguised Trojans, gives them almost complete access rights and the possibility to control your device remotely.

The malicious software then reads entries on the screen and transmits them to the author. In order to do this, it must be easy to access your device at any time. It can then do things such as track your movements. We will explain to you how you can recognize the Trojans before they get access.

Android Trojans: Fake Adobe Flash Player

Anyone surfing on the PC on the net is sometimes reminded to update the Adobe Flash Player. This allows the playback of videos and animated applications, which can be found in almost endless variations on the Internet. Due to their high level of popularity, many users are blind to the update note. The Trojan makes use of this, and infiltrates the Android devices. When surfing a compromised website, usually one for adults or a social network, a very well reproduced update note appears. Beware because the trap is waiting behind it.

“Saving Battery” mode is actually the Android Trojan

If you click the invitation, which belongs to the Internet address “”, you grant the Trojan certain rights. This allows it into the system under “accessibility” a new item called “Saving battery“. The fake menu behind it informs you about a supposedly high battery consumption . The suggested changes of some settings should save battery, which only have to be confirmed by you. After that, the Trojan gets even more rights and so can reload further malicious software during the subsequent reboot of your device.

Fake Flash Player: Am I affected?

If you are affected, check under “Settings” of your smartphone. If the item “Saving battery” appears, your device was very likely compromised. Uninstall the program using the usual method. Unfortunately, you can never be sure whether the Trojan has been completely removed. In most cases, there is a professional virus protection for the smartphone.