Apple iCloud Account Accessed!: Caution, Phishing Attempt!

Fraudsters send mails with the prompt to change your password. So they get access to your iCloud.

Phishing attempts are everywhere. Many Apple users are getting a warning about an unauthorised third party access to their iCloud accounts. If you fall victim to this believable trap, it could open the door to sensitive data.

Whether it’s Amazon, Paypal, eBay, Zalando or now also Apple – the sneaky fraudsters of today are betraying the trust of thousands of unsuspecting customers and using it to collect sensitive data. Read on to find out how to unmask the fake emails.

Fraudsters get access to Apple iCloud

The procedure is always the same for phishing mails: You will receive a message about supposedly suspicious activity on your customer account. In this case, the fake message warns about external access to  Apple iCloud. In this, pictures, videos, documents and various backups of Apple’s devices are stored. They send an authentic-looking mail and it asks you to change your password. This would be the right thing to do if hte email were authentic. However be careful: To change the password, it asks you to follow the link provided. From here it becomes dangerous.

Fraudsters send mails with the prompt to change your password. So they get access to your iCloud.

Phishing: Many facades, the same stitch-up

The link redirects you to an amazingly genuine but fake iCloud LogIn website. On this you should enter your password to change it. Since the website actually sends your input directly to the fraudsters, they now have access to your iCloud from that moment on. From here, the criminals have reached their destination- Your account!. In order to prevent this, you should never enter or change your data outside the official websites – in this case . If you do not get taken in by the text in the e-mail, you can see the deception in various details. Small spelling or grammar errors here, faulty formatting and pixelated logos and graphics there.

Capture phishing: protect iCloud access

If you realise that you have been taken in on scam, you do not have to disconnect the network connection immediately. It is best to visit the official iCloud website immediately and change your login data securely there. It is important to use a truly secure password with combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers and special characters. You should avoid this list of popular passwords.