Be cautious about fake online shops – Some even allow you to buy drugs without a medical prescription

Don’t be tempted to buy prescription drugs online without a prescription

Have you ever wanted to buy a prescription drug without a prescription? You certainly can’t do it at the pharmacy next door. But if you choose an Internet pharmacy, you will also need the prescription. That is … unless you find pharmacies on the Net that require no prescription. 

Are Internet pharmacies allowed to sell drugs just like that, or is there a risk entailed when you buy drugs online? We’ll explain.

Buying without a prescription? Better not!

If you need medication, you visit your doctor who prescribes the required drug. If you think the pharmacy in your neighbourhood is too expensive, you will probably look on the Internet to see whether you can get the prescribed medicine cheaper. If you didn’t get the prescription but still want some medicine that requires one, you might have the clever notion of wanting to buy the drug without a doctor’s prescription. Is it really a smart idea, though? No. Because some fraudsters don’t even stop when it comes to health. No matter how, they want to get to the money in your wallet.

If you have ever thought about buying drugs without a doctor’s prescription, think again! Is this really what you want to do? Apart from running the risk of falling for a fake shop, the whole thing is 100% illegal. When buying prescription drugs from an online pharmacy in the UK you should always look for one of these logos.

The first is a voluntary scheme that offers reassurance that you are purchasing medicine from registered pharmacies that meet GPhC standards; the second is the EU common logo, which is a legal requirement in Europe that applies to all retailers of medicines.


Watch out for fake shops
There are shops that pop up where you can allegedly buy drugs without a doctor’s prescription, but they are often taken down and you get a 404 error message and are examples of these shops. They offer almost exclusively drugs for which you need a prescription at any legitimate pharmacy. Be it pain medication such as morphine, drugs for anxiety such as diazepam, sleeping pills such as phenobarbital or Ritalin for difficulties in concentrating. Drugs that can be life-threatening if taken incorrectly are offered here just like on a flea market.

Are these drugs legitimate?

To top it all: Some of these sites advertises its wares by boasting their drugs are more expensive than those from other providers from which you can buy drugs without a prescription. And here is how they justify it: “Never buy pharmaceutical products from unprofessional mail order outlets. Instead, place your order with us. In our in-house laboratories, we test all batches for contents of active ingredients, minimum shelf life and impurities before shipping them to our customers”, the homepage tells you. But how do you know that you aren’t getting chalk pressed into a tablet shape, or even worse – rat poison!

Buying drugs without a doctor’s prescription

We’ll explain to you how you can recognise that and are fake shops. You should most certainly not be able to buy drugs without a prescription:

  • Legitimate providers would never sell prescription medications without a doctor’s signature. If you compare individual drugs with other pharmacies, you are immediately informed that the drug you want to buy requires a doctor’s prescription.
  • You’ll find no company information on the Web site although it is required by law to provide it.
  • The Web site does not have a secure connection. You should enter personal data only on Web sites with https://.
  • Online shops must work hard to maintain their good reputation. So they like to use seals of approval to prove their legitimacy. Seals such as the “Trusted Shops” seal are not present on the Web sites we’re discussing here.

Recognise a fake shop instead of falling for “buying medicine without a doctor’s prescription”

Buying drugs online is possible but it’s not always the best way. One thing is absolutely clear: Pharmacies where you can buy prescription drugs without a doctor’s signature do not exist. They are not allowed to exist due to statutory provisions. Still, there is a whole array of people who have sites on the World Wide Web that are all designed along the same principle, without company information. Anybody shopping at one of these places for drugs they don’t need and that therefore are not prescribed to them will just be wasting their money. And it’s their own fault.

The story is a different one if you fall for a fake shop because you think you can get excellent goods at an affordable price. We have reported on that several times already. Fraudsters will stop at nothing. Whether it’s children clothes or coffee or electrical devices – there is nothing in the world fraudsters won’t use to attempt to get at your money.