Cancer trollware is about: Computer virus annoying Windows users

Cancer trollware annoys Windows users, but is safe.

A new virus is going around. Cancer trollware is particularly annoying for Windows users. This pest does not cause any actual harm to your computer, but instead nests itself deeply within Windows.

This malware is what some security experts call trollware and is produced with the sole intention of annoying users. Even worse, it renders their computers unusable. Indiscriminate pictures and windows pop up, which are accompanied by a remix of Shakira’s pop songs Waka-Waka. The users are slowly but surely driven into madness! We will tell you how this trollware gets onto your computer and what it actually is.

Cancer trollware is annoying right from the start

First of all, trollware is  just plain annoying. You will experience windows popping up and a Waka-Waka remix of Shakira blaring. This gets infuriating after a short period of time. What does Cancer do to  the computer? It penetrates deep into Windows and nests itself there. There it initially ends any protection programs and then runs an endless loop.

At the moment there is no way to remove the virus, even in security mode, it is not possible to do it. Even worse is that it’s not known how the pest is spread at all.

Trollware or crapware

Trollware is also known as Crapware. Crapware refers to unwanted software installed on the computer. The term in itself is a portmanteau of the terms “crap” meaning rubbish , and “software”. It has been named like this because it is unwanted and does not provide any functionality for the user.

Crapware is attached to useful software to spread it. Once it is on the computer, it fades into advertising or manipulates the Internet search. Crapware consumes memory, processor power, and bandwidth, making the computer slow. There are different programs, which are usually offered with free software on the Internet.

Famous Crapware is Ask Toolbar

A famous example for Crapware is the Ask Toolbar. The Toolbar is a browser add-on, which automatically browses through the Internet using the search engine. The Ask Toolbar is criticised because it is very complex to remove this software. Special software tools or even a system recovery is necessary. Their only function is to redirect the web browser search to a specific page, thereby providing the advertiser, the New York company Interactive Corp, with advertising resources.