Fraudsters send mails with the prompt to change your password. So they get access to your iCloud.
Apple iCloud Account Accessed!: Caution, Phishing Attempt!

Phishing attempts are everywhere. Many Apple users are getting a warning about an unauthorised third party access to their iCloud accounts. If you fall victim to this believable trap, it could open the door to sensitive data. Whether it’s Amazon, Paypal, eBay, Zalando or now also Apple – the sneaky fraudsters of today are betraying the […]

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Dridex, the Trojan, is currently doing the rounds. It spreads over a Word virus
Word virus Dridex: Banking trojan threatens Word users

There is currently a major attack on Microsoft Office software. The word processor Word is affected. The Dridex banking trojan is distributed through a security vulnerability. Millions of users have already become victims by opening suspicious e-mails with malicious software in the attachment.  Read on to find out how dangerous the Trojan is, what it’s […]

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Advertising can be quite annoying But you can block Windows 10 advertising.
Windows 10 advertising: How to turn ads off in the operating system

Advertising is everywhere: on posters, on TV, on the Internet and now also advertising in Windows Explorer. But you can block Windows 10 advertising if you want. Microsoft’s own services and products are massively advertised, once the computer is switched on it’s hard to know how to turn them off. The advertising of Windows products […]

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The Google Voice Assistant is now available on Android smartphones.
Google Voice Assistant: Now on Android smartphones

Google Voice Assistant: After the language assistant was only available exclusively for Google Pixel Smartphones, Google has now begun to extend its language assistant to Android smartphones. You are able to install the app – but as often happens – there is a ‘but’. We will explain exactly what this is in a moment.. The Google […]

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Criminals are trying to move into Google Chrome with a pop up window to download the Hoefler text.
Hoefler text in pop up window: Fraud on Google Chrome browser

It is becoming a frequent issue – websites are not displayed correctly because the font is distorted. If you install the missing font, the problem is usually fixed. But beware! On Google Chrome browser, criminals are just trying to get you to install the Hoefler text. But you should steer clear of doing this, because […]

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Lily drone promises excellent shots of you in action. It will automatically fly after you.
Lily drone – more than just video selfies: Bird’s eye action shot

The Lily Revolution: There are many drones available on the market that suit all budgets. For action videos especially, drones can take some fantastic shots. The Lily drone may just be what you’re been waiting for. The drone is the world’s first throw-and-shoot camera. It has been developed by Lily Robotics Inc. and has been […]

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Picking the right Christmas gifts for your tech-savvy family and friends can be tricky!
Christmas gifts: Our strategy tips for Christmas

The time is upon us once more: the hunt for Christmas presents has started. But what will you give this year? The days of grandma’s hand-knitted socks are numbered. The popularity of technology on the other hand, is as high as ever. We will give you the lowdown on what gadgets will bring joy to […]

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iCloud spam is unwanted and annoying.
iCloud spam increases: Ray Ban advertising in Calendar app

A wave of iCloud spam is taking over the Apple Calendar app. The unwanted advertising is placed directly in your calendar. Among other things, the offer deals with reduced sunglasses by Ray Ban and Oakley. We will show you how to defend against it. iCloud Spam in the form of fake Ray Ban and Oakley […]

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Electronic waste collects in many households. You can easily recycle it.
What to do with electronic waste?: Tips for disposal of computers, mobile phones etc.

Where should you dispose of your electronic waste? Christmas is approaching and the amount of electronic waste will increase in many households. This is because people will hope to be getting a new smartphone, PC or laptop under the tree. And who wouldn’t be happy about that! But what do you do with your old […]

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Be quiet Offers a real innovation in housing. We show why it has made the part in our Gaming PC Trends 2017
Gaming PC Trends: Hardware and Software Tips for 2017

The year is slowly drawing to a close and the new gaming PC trends are already being announced. Powerful graphics cards, adaptive housings and powerful games await you in 2017. There are so many computer components coming out all the time. It gets more and more difficult to keep up to date with the new […]

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