Two-factor authentication makes your WhatsApp account even safer.
Two-factor authentication: More security for WhatsApp

A new update is here to make the UK’s favourite messenger app even more secure. After the end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication is now here. This allows you to protect your WhatsApp account even better. We will explain how to do this and what you need to do to activate verification in two steps. WhatsApp is still […]

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With Facebook, personal status reports are coloured thanks to coloured backgrounds.
Coloured backgrounds: Colourful Facebook status messages

You may have noticed that your Facebook posts are now lovely and colourful! The reason for this, is because the company wants to emphasise personal status reports clearly. That is why the status updates will have coloured backgrounds in the future. We will tell you how this works and why Facebook has done it. Read […]

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Whats app wants to focus on users with common operating systems. Therefore WhatsApp no longer available for all users.
WhatsApp no longer available: For some devices the end is nigh!

Soon WhatsApp will no longer be available on some devices: older Android models and Apple phones will be removed from the list of supported smartphones. The most popular instant messenger in the UK will then no longer be usable from those phones. Owners of these older models will soon have to look for a new […]

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Super Mario Run from Nintendo brings the classic game to the iPhone and iPad.
Super Mario Run: Jump’n’run classic for Smartphone

Collecting coins, jumping over small monsters, and finally reaching the flagpole – Super Mario Run is the latest addition to Nintendo, which will be available on the App Store from December 15th. Free, but with a big “but”. Because only a small demo version is really free. What can you expect from the games classic […]

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Under “Settings” and “Data usage” you will find the evaluation of your data volume.
Save data volume saving: Tips to combat a congested Internet

To save data, do you stay off the internet? – Maybe not. As soon as you are outside a wireless network, each video and every Facebook update uses a lot of high-speed data volume. Read on for tips on simple counter-measures that get the most out of your tariff. If you travel lot, you may […]

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