Will the WhatsApp messenger service soon be flooded with WhatsApp advertising?
WhatsApp advertising – Messenger service could soon get advertising

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have advertising on their platforms. Nor the popular messenger service WhatsApp could now follow suit and display advertising in the future. At least that’s what Facebook manager David Marcus suggested at the Facebook conference F8. But what does WhatsApp advertising mean to you as a user? Will […]

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The mobile phone display is often full of geasy streaks and fingerprints
Clean your mobile phone – Clean up screen and speaker

Studies have proven that cleaning your mobile phone is definitely a good idea. Often there is more bacteria on your screen and the phone’s surface than on a public toilet! Germs and bacteria are rife on phone displays. Smudges, fingerprints and dust not only make the mobile phone screen dirty, but the speaker input and battery […]

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Brilliant colours and sharpness of detail – the new televisions already have an excellent picture quality
Optimise TV picture settings – How to set up your TV properly

You fiddle about, hit the wrong buttons, and, in no time at all, the picture on the TV is out of whack. The characters in your favourite TV series look like they fell asleep on the sunbed! Or even worse, the whole picture is distorted. We’ll tell you how you can optimise the TV picture […]

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The most popular streaming service is Spotify for music.
Spotify Music Streaming: New record for Spotify

The Spotify music streaming service has broken another record. When you listen to music on your computer, smartphone or tablet you are doing this by streaming music. The number of Spotify subscriber numbers speak for themselves. Downloading MP3s used to be the popular way of listening to music. Today, thanks to fast Internet connections, you can […]

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Spoilers for Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones Spoiler: Hackers capture HBO data

Are you trying to avoid websites that post Game of Thrones spoilers? Then you have to be even more careful, because hackers have allegedly stolen 1.5 terabytes of data from the broadcaster HBO. The series Game of Thrones is currently being broadcast in the US on HBO and on Sky in the UK. You can […]

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Psy had the most YouTube views for years with Gangnam Style Wiz Khalifa currently has the most YouTube views
Who has the most YouTube views: Wiz Khalifa beats Psy’s “Gangnam Style”

Can you remember the crazy song and dance ‘Gangnam style’? For years, Psy had received most YouTube views with his song. But now another video has overtaken him. Wiz Khalifa is the new number 1 on YouTube. Read on to find out what the song is called, how many YouTube views it has and which […]

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Emergency apps on your smartphone are useful when you need help in an emergency.
Emergency Apps for medical help: How life-saving apps can help

If an accident happened in front of your eyes, would you know what to do? Some people have attended first aid courses – but would they remember what to do in a panic? If you have your smartphone with you, you can use it if you have downloaded emergency apps, which will help. Read on […]

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When children sleep in the car, you don’t need children’s apps to keep them occupied.
Expensive Children’s Apps: How to avoid being stung by in-app purchases

Holidays are almost here – and of course it all starts with a long stressful journey.  How can we keep the little ones occupied? Well, if you’re well prepared you can have the best children’s apps all ready and waiting to keep them happy. Beware though! If children can make in-app purchases, playing on the […]

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Android SpyDealer Trojan is here again
SpyDealer Trojan: Android Trojan is listening to phone calls

An old acquaintance is back. The SpyDealer Trojan is once again infecting Android devices. The Trojan has been active for two years and is stealing data from several apps that might be on your smartphone. Read on to find out how the Android malware does this and why the Trojan is currently particularly active. SpyDealer […]

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Snapchat laucnhes location-sharing feature Snap Map
Snap Map: The new Snapchat feature: Could children be in danger?

A new function in Snapchat has been released in a recent update :  Snap Map.  It has raised safety concerns among schools and parents. Should you be worried about your child’s safety?  Read the blog to find out more. The new update to Snapchat allows people to search for places such as museums or schools. It […]

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