Often you cannot watch Netflix movies offline.
Netflix Movies offline: Download only possible to a limited extent

For just six months you have been able to watch Netflix movies offline. But now Netflix introduces a download limitation.  Now you cannot download your favourite movies as often as you like to watch them offline. They are now restricted to a reduced amount. Read on to find out why Netflix has introduced the download […]

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This is what you’ll see if you are a victim by Wannacry
Malicious software WannaCry: Victims of the worldwide attack

Malicious software WannaCry, officially WanaCryptor 2.0, the blackmail software, which has attacked many computers at the weekend, is like an epidemic, Europol even speaks of a worldwide attack of “unprecedented scale”. On Friday, the Blackmail trojan WanaCryptor started its attack. And within a very short time, 200,000 computer systems were paralysed in more than 150 […]

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A fake virus warning is meant to persuade you to download a protection program.
Fake virus warning: Android smartphones affected by mobile phone virus

What do you do if a Fake virus alert suddenly appears on your smartphone or tablet. This is completely unexpected and out of the blue. The message says that your device is contaminated with a virus. And now you must urgently and immediately install a protection program to escape the threat. Should you download the […]

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EvilEye is here. You will get spying software by e-mail on your computer.
EvilEye spy software: Spyware pirates take over webcam by e-mail

If you get an e-mail that promises you cheap air travel, Beware! It may not necessarily mean something good. The appendix probably contains EvilEye, an espionage software. The Trojans pirate your webcam and spy on you. How the spyware gets on to your computer, how you can protect yourself from EvilEye and what it does, […]

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The Windows Creators Update provides many new features for security, data protection and gaming
Windows 10 Creators Update: Game mode and more security

The Creators Update for Windows 10 will be available for all users, but not at the same time. Microsoft distributes the update in waves. According to Microsoft, it takes some time for the update to run on all appropriate computers. And that can be days, weeks or even months. Read on to find out what […]

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Hackers are trying to blackmail Apple users. Possible 220 million Apple accounts are to be affected.
Apple blackmail: Millions of iPhone accounts are threatened by data erasure

iPhone owners should beware: There is a potential threat of blackmail for Apple users. The criminals threaten to trigger a data erasure in millions of iPhone accounts. If Apple has not yet paid the required ransom, the hackers threaten to destroy the data by means of remote erasure. What Apple says, and what you can […]

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Screenshot of the download site for the alleged Nintendo Switch emulator software.
Nintendo Switch Emulator is Fake: Subscription trap at download

How can you play Nintendo Switch Games on the PC? Wouldn’t that be great! Supposedly a website on the Internet offers a Nintendo Switch emulator, which will bring the Switch games to the PC. However, this is not possible and the website tries to take advantage with a fake download. A Nintendo Switch emulator is […]

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A chain letter, which promises new romantic emoticons.
Romantic Emoticons: WhatsApp Labels Emoticon4.me

Beware of the supposedly new emoticons on WhatsApp. A new chain letter promises you romantic emoticons or contains a link with the keyword “Emoticon4.me”. But be careful before you sign up to these cute smileys. Read on to find out the consequences of clicking the link One thing is certain. If you follow the link, […]

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A message from Mark Zuckerberg promises a profit from the Facebook lottery.
Facebook lottery: Beware of being ripped off

A new fraud wave is targeting Facebook users. If you receive an email from Mark Zuckerberg, you should be careful. Supposedly you have won a large sum of money in the Facebook lottery, and you will be receiving a cheque. But before you can redeem the cheque, you are required to send a ‘processing fee’. […]

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