The new Nintendo console will be launched under the name “Switch”.
New Nintendo Switch console: Switch has arrived

Fans of Mario and Zelda etc. have been waiting for the new Nintendo console and will certainly be celebrating today. Because Nintendo Switch has arrived! It was announced in  2015 as “NX”, it is available to buy now. The great thing about the switch console is that you can play everywhere. At home on TV, […]

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A new WhatsApp version: WhatsApp Business is aimed at companies.
WhatsApp Business: New app version for companies

One billion people worldwide use Messenger WhatsApp. But this is not enough for the parent company Facebook. Founder Mark Zuckerberg wants even more users to use the new app version WhatsApp Business. With WhatsApp Business, he wants to appeal to small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. Read on to find out what it’s all about. […]

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The Nokia phone is back. The cult mobile phone shines not only with its color display, but also with a long time between charges. Photo: Nokia
Nokia 3310: Return of the classic with Snake game

Phone calls and SMS – these are the focus of the new old Nokia 3310. The mobile phone classic came on the market in the year 2000 and was presented as a modern variant at the Mobile World Congress (MWC). But it’s not only the cult mobile phone that is returning, but also the cult […]

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If you shop at Amazon fake shops, you could be waiting in vain for the truck with its goods. The Amazon fraud has been running for years.
Amazon Fraud: No end in sight to the fake shops

On a daily basis, Amazon fictitious goods worth over 400 million pounds are uploaded to fake shops after dozens of seller accounts were hacked. This particular Amazon fraud has been running for about four years. And the online retailer apparently can find no way to protect either its sellers in the Amazon Marketplace, nor the […]

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Cancer trollware annoys Windows users, but is safe.
Cancer trollware is about: Computer virus annoying Windows users

A new virus is going around. Cancer trollware is particularly annoying for Windows users. This pest does not cause any actual harm to your computer, but instead nests itself deeply within Windows. This malware is what some security experts call trollware and is produced with the sole intention of annoying users. Even worse, it renders […]

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Beware of WhatsApp emails – phishing threatens.
WhatsApp email is fake: Phishing alert

Have you ever received a WhatsApp email? How can that be? – because WhatsApp does not know your e-mail address. However, at the moment there are more and more alleged WhatsApp emails doing the rounds. These are WhatsApp phishing mails. Extreme caution needs to be exercised, because cybercriminals are once again preying on careless users. […]

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Mozilla kills Firefox OS
Mozilla has given up on the smartphone platform: End of Firefox OS

Mozilla has laid off the team that were working on bringing Firefox OS to connected devices. This move means that approximately 50 people are affected. The senior vice president Ari Jaaksi who is heading up the project is included in those who are leaving. Mozilla intended to improve user’s web experience by making the browser […]

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The Ransomware Spora worm spreads like a virus on computers and behaves like a Trojan.
Ransomware Spora: A worm with Trojan capabilities

The Ransomware Spora is on the attack. A new worm that behaves like a blackmail Trojan. Analysts for malicious software describe the worm as “the most mature blackmail program ever”. All it takes is a simple click and the ransomware gets into your operating system and starts to encrypt your personal files. We’ll explain how […]

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The new fast Kaby Lake Intel® Core™ processor generation
The new generation of Intel® Core™ processors: Benefit from even more power

Intel® Core™ 7th-generation processors deliver even more performance and speed while remaining economical and secure. The new Intel® Core™ Kaby Lake processors are suitable for all applications: PC, laptop, and 2-in-1 computer. Intel® continues to improve the Intel® Core™ processors. The focus is on the most important features: speed, safety, economy and a wide range […]

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