Enquiries are sent via SMS to the mobile phone
Collection request via SMS: New phone scam

The caller is promised profit-making games or other ‘fantastic opportunities’. But whoever calls the telephone numbers advertised, will receive a debt collection request via SMS shortly afterwards. This is another case of fraudsters trying to get money. In short, the victims are pressured to pay 70 pounds or more, for allegedly used services. Read on […]

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Initially intended for smartphones, FLocker now also accesses Smart TV devices
Ransomware Flaker on Smart TV: Threat of cyber espionage

Extortionists have found another way into your home. Security experts have long warned that it is only a matter of time before cyber criminals attack Smart TV devices. Now the Ransomware Flaker has hit. We will tell you what has happened, how the attack takes place, and whether we should all be afraid of this Smart […]

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The fraudsters claim that they are a Microsoft employee and will provide Windows support.
Microsoft employee impersonators: Trojan Trap!

The police are warning against people pretending to be a Microsoft employee. They contaminate your computer with a Trojan and steal your money just by a mere phone call. The fraudsters call unsuspecting users, declare themselves as employees of Microsoft Support. They claim one of two things. Either the computer is infected by viruses, which […]

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Windows 10 Internet is not working? There are solutions.
Windows 10 Internet is not working: Problems after update

There are apparently terrible issues with Windows 10 after the last update. Users of the operating system are finding that their Internet is not working. The cause is still unclear, but there are now solutions to the problem. We will advise you how to side-step this new Windows 10 problem The fact is that Windows […]

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The Gooligan software attacks Android. One million devices have already been hacked.
Gooligan infects Android smartphones: New malware

Gooligan is a new malware on Android smartphones. This malicious software has already hacked over a million devices. The consequence is that hackers get full access to your mobile phone with the aim of stealing Google account information. We will advise you how you can protect yourself. The problem is that the malware hides behind […]

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Beware of Facebook pictures. ImageGate could infect you.
ImageGate – Emerging Threat to Facebook: Plagued images involve Locky

ImageGate is a new threat that is spreading on social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. It involves criminals trying to persuade you to click on photos. But these photos are contaminated with malicious software. We will show you how to protect yourself. As soon as you click on the picture, it opens as it would […]

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Safety gap in the home router.
Router Vulnerabilities: Secure Password needed for routers

Beware! There are serious safety breaches in home routers. 15 percent of routers are only protected with a weak password and the default username “admin”. A comprehensive test by the security experts from security software maker ESET, have now found in a comprehensive test. 12,000 routers were examined anonymously and the result is frightening. In […]

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