The HP recall for notebooks has been expanded because there is a fire hazard.
Expansion of HP recall: Faulty batteries may cause fire

It seems that Samsung is not the only one suffering with faulty batteries that pose an acute fire hazard. Countless laptops are threatened by faulty batteries, causing overheating and fire hazards. Therefore, the HP recall has been expanded. Customers who have already tested their equipment in the past year could also affected. We’ll explain to […]

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One of many conceptual graphics of the new Galaxy S8 flagship from Samsung.
Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8: Rumours about the super-smartphone

Samsung seems to be getting serious with its new Galaxy S8 smartphone: If you believe the many rumours, the release of the new flagship smartphone is not too far away. This is now regularly accompanied by new information on the specifications published independently by various sources. Which information we are told, ultimately may still be dependent […]

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One of the new features is that you can get a WhatsApp message recall. Photo: Twitter (@WABetaInfo)
WhatsApp message recall: New features in the popular Messenger

WhatsApp is considered the most popular messenger app. More than 1 billion people worldwide use the news service. WhatsApp has developed new features to keep up, and to attract more users: Recalling a WhatsApp message after it has been sent is only one new feature. Read on to find out what Whatsapp’s new functions and […]

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CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently commented on Fake News
Facebook Fake News: Beware, these messages are fake

The coverage of Fake News is currently growing strongly. Whether in local and national weekly newspapers or on television – the reports are accumulating everywhere. The most popular medium for these false messages however is still Facebook. We will show the (quite worrying) effects of the current fake news trends and explain what you can […]

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On the list of popular passwords in 2016, there are no secure passwords.
Top list of popular passwords: ‘123456’ at No. 1 in 2016 again

It is hard to believe, but “123456” still tops the list of most popular passwords in 2016, a Chicago based security firm has confirmed. We’ll introduce you to the most popular, if very unsafe, passwords. The passwords were analysed by Keeper who are a password management firm who carried out the research. “Looking at the list of […]

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Whatsapp security is not as secure, as was previously thought.
WhatsApp security missing: Gap in end-to-end encryption

With the introduction of the end-to-end encryption, all WhatsApp users were happy about the new WhatsApp security. Since the introduction of the encryption, chats were completely confidential and could only be read by the chat partner. Supposedly! But now, a security breach has become apparent. Read on to find out how secure your private chats […]

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The activation number of an Apple iTunes card should never be revealed on the phone.
Fraud with Apple iTunes card: Rip off by phone

Fraudsters are trying to rip people off by scams using the Apple iTunes card. The tricksters call and ask to settle outstanding debts or bills on the phone. This works the best with Apple iTunes card. But other gift cards are also affected. Read on to find out what is behind it and how you […]

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Google has scrapped it’s internet drones: Photo coursesy of 9to5 Google.
Internet drones: Google confirms end of project

You may remember all the hype back in 2014 when Google launched it’s internet drones project . They designed the project to bring the internet to remote rural areas. It complemented it’s Loon project – a similar initiative using hot air balloons. If you were looking forward to the possibility of the internet no matter […]

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So far, Android users can not download the Super Mario app. This is about to change soon.
Super Mario App for Android: Cyber-criminals hype

Since mid-December, the Super Mario app has been the superstar of iOS devices. In just four days the game was downloaded 40 million times. Since then 90 million Super Mario fans are supposed to have the game on their Apple devices. Now, Android users are also waiting longingly for the app. And cyber-criminals exploit this […]

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Book flights via your PC for cheaper ticket prices.
Ticket prices for flights: Nasty surprise with Smartphone booking

If you want to book your next holiday online, you should read on. Because the ticket prices for air travel flights vary enormously depending on the device with which the trip is booked. This is what a European publication “Clever Reisen!” has now found in a test. It makes travel booking using your smartphone up […]

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