Clean your mobile phone – Clean up screen and speaker

The mobile phone display is often full of geasy streaks and fingerprints

Studies have proven that cleaning your mobile phone is definitely a good idea. Often there is more bacteria on your screen and the phone’s surface than on a public toilet! Germs and bacteria are rife on phone displays.

Smudges, fingerprints and dust not only make the mobile phone screen dirty, but the speaker input and battery port are often affected as well.  In addition, they provide the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria to multiply because of its warmth. However if you clean your phone in the wrong way, you risk creating permanent scratches and streaks, which also means a loss in value.

Clean your mobile phone – this is how it’s done right

It is important for your mobile phone display that you don’t do more harm than good when you clean it. In the worst case scenario, wrong or unsuitable cleaning agents can create permanent scratches. Or even – especially in the case of liquid cleaners – cause damage to the inside of the device.

First of all, you should turn off your smartphone or tablet before cleaning it and possibly also remove the charger from the power outlet. The best way to see the smears on your device is to move the device back and forth under a light source. Next, it is important that you use a cleaning cloth that doesn’t create fuzz and is very soft (that is, it won’t “drag” the dirt on your mobile phone display and scratch it). We recommend getting either high-quality microfibre cloths or special mobile phone cleaning cloths.

Cleaning the touch screen

If you want to clean your mobile phone properly, you should make small, circular movements with the cloth. In addition, you could use a drop of mobile phone cleaner spray or window cleaner (be careful with the dosage and spray only on the display glass). Another (inexpensive) alternative is a glasses cleaning cloth that removes greasy fingerprints, make-up residues etc. quickly and reliably. This is especially important if there are many stubborn grease stains on the mobile phone display. But pay special attention and put as little pressure as possible on the touch screen as you work.  When you have completely cleaned up your display, the next thing we advise is to put a special screen protector on it.

Clean up your mobile phone speaker

Dust and dirt often accumulate in small openings, such as the speaker. You only notice it when the sound quality suddenly leaves a lot to be desired.  Here are our top tips for how to clean the speaker:

For the removal of smaller dirt particles, simply use a piece of adhesive tape. Put the strip on the speakers, gently but firmly press it on and then pull it off. In the best case, most of the dust particles stick to the tape. In order to remove the dirt from the interior, it’s best to use air. Gently blow air into the speaker, work with only slight pressure or use a small hand-held vacuum cleaner, which is set to low – and hold it in front of the opening. As an alternative, you can use a toothbrush or soft, small brush that doesn’t shed hair. Important for cleaning your mobile phone speaker: Don’t use moisture! If water or cleaning agent penetrates into the interior of your smartphone, it can cause massive problems.

Keep your mobile phone clean

“Do I have to clean my mobile phone again?” Anybody who doesn’t have the time or desire constantly to take care of cleaning his smartphone and disinfecting it should try the following, ultimate top-secret trick in addition to using a high-quality screen protector: Wash your hands regularly!