Coloured backgrounds: Colourful Facebook status messages

With Facebook, personal status reports are coloured thanks to coloured backgrounds.

You may have noticed that your Facebook posts are now lovely and colourful! The reason for this, is because the company wants to emphasise personal status reports clearly. That is why the status updates will have coloured backgrounds in the future.

We will tell you how this works and why Facebook has done it. Read on to find out more.

Back to basics

The reason for the new colour background feature is because less and less personal messages are written on Facebook. This was the original idea of Facebook: that the members write something about themselves and friends can read it. But now news feeds are dominated by images and videos from subscribed pages. Firms, organisations and celebrities have the edge when it comes to the distribution of their news. With the new feature, Facebook now wants to kick back to it’s roots.

Coloured backgrounds grab your attention

Coloured backgrounds should attract the attention of readers and ensure that personal messages are read. This will help with the large amount of content that is simply just overlooked. Of course, this doesn’t mean that more personal status messages are published, but similar to the big font for short posts, the messages are more likely to become an eye catcher. Personal communication is growing again compared to the spread of commercial content. And the original goal of Facebook is back in focus again.

As well as monochromatic backgrounds, colour backgrounds are also available, including orange, yellow, red, green, blue, purple and grey. Currently, the coloured background option is only available via the Android app, but Facebook will eventually roll the option out to iOS and desktop users

How do coloured backgrounds work?

But how do the coloured backgrounds work? How do they get into the status messages? This is quite simple: you write a status message and before you publish the message, you can choose from a palette with background colours on. Instead of your message being on a white background, you can pick from a coloured one. It is a nice gimmick, nothing more. Whether your private messages can be written similarly, remains to be seen.