Don’t lose your WhatsApp chats: Transfer them to your new iPhone

WhatsApp chats are restored via a chat backup on the iPhone.

Is the new iPhone 8 on your wishlist? There is talk of the new iPhone being released in September. If you want to transfer WhatsApp chats onto your new iPhone, there are a few things you need to consider.

There has been gossip about the new iPhone for ages. There have been lots of new iPhone 8 rumours around. Everyone is getting excited about the new Apple smartphone. Most people will want to move their apps onto their new iPhone when they switch. How about WhatsApp? How can you restore your WhatsApp chats? This is not always easy. It can be very difficult to transfer the old chats over when you install the new WhatsApp app onto your new iPhone. But read on to find out how to do it.

Transfer WhatsApp chats on iPhone

If you already know that you will be getting a new iPhone, you can create a WhatsApp backup and then restore it to your new phone. But how does it work? On the iPhone, you can create a WhatsApp Chat Backup by clicking the gear settings at the bottom of the chat overview, selecting Chats, and then going to Chat Backup. There you can select when and how to create a backup. If you change your mobile, just make a backup immediately. But here is the problem: If you are not registered on the iCloud, WhatsApp will tell you to log in there so that a WhatsApp backup can be created. Without iCloud there is no WhatsApp backup.

Install WhatsApp Chats Backup

When you get your new iPhone, begin by installing WhatsApp. Then start up and during the installation your iPhone will find the WhatsApp Chat Backup on iCloud. At this point, if you aren’t already, the iPhone will advise you to log in to iCloud. If you set up your iPhone so that iCloud is part of your backups, WhatsApp automatically finds the backup of your WhatsApp chats stored in the cloud when you set up. Then when WhatsApp restores the backup on your new iPhone, you can find your WhatsApp messages as usual with WhatsApp. You still have to re-enter your name, and during the first use the images will be loaded. After this, you can then start using it straight away.

There are of course some dangers when you use WhatsApp, we have warned you of these dangers in the past with our blog WhatsApp Phishing.