Expansion of HP recall: Faulty batteries may cause fire

The HP recall for notebooks has been expanded because there is a fire hazard.

It seems that Samsung is not the only one suffering with faulty batteries that pose an acute fire hazard. Countless laptops are threatened by faulty batteries, causing overheating and fire hazards. Therefore, the HP recall has been expanded.

Customers who have already tested their equipment in the past year could also affected. We’ll explain to you what models are affected and what you should do now.

The HP Recall for Notebooks is not new. HP initially launched the recall last year. Now it has been extended to further models. This means that you need to get your battery checked again. They say that even if you got a message that your battery has not been affected when this problem initially occurred – this may have changed. The manufacturer are warning that the batteries may still overheat and catch fire.

HP callback involves over 100,000 batteries

A total of more than 100,000 batteries from HP callback may be affected. To check if the battery of your laptop is affected, you can check quickly on the HP website. And even if you have already checked whether your notebook was ok last year, you will have to do it again. Only those who have already received a new battery in the course of the callback is safe

HP recommends that customers “immediately stop the use of affected batteries,” as “these batteries have the potential to overheat, posing a fire and burn hazard to customers.“

HP recall for different model series

Models affected by HP recall are notebook series HP ProBook, HP Envy, HP Pavilion and Compaq Presario that have been purchased between March 2013 and October 2016. And even if you bought batteries as accessories in this period or have received them from customer service as a spare part, you should have it exchanged.

HP further warns, “The batteries could overheat, catch fire and burn the users.” However, not all notebooks from these series have faulty batteries. If you have an affected device, then you should participate in the exchange program. Customers may continue to use their notebook computer without the battery installed, by connecting the notebook to external power. HP is proactively notifying customers, and will provide a replacement battery for each verified, eligible battery, at no cost. For fixed batteries, you can send the complete device to have the battery replaced.

Damaged batteries cause HP callback

The faulty batteries are allegedly batteries with components made by Panasonic. These defective batteries lead to expansion of the current HP recall list from June 2016. In the past, lithium-ion batteries have repeatedly led to recalls due to fire hazards. Recently, Samsung had to take the Note7 completely off the market.