Fake virus warning: Android smartphones affected by mobile phone virus

A fake virus warning is meant to persuade you to download a protection program.

What do you do if a Fake virus alert suddenly appears on your smartphone or tablet. This is completely unexpected and out of the blue. The message says that your device is contaminated with a virus. And now you must urgently and immediately install a protection program to escape the threat.

Should you download the protection program to your mobile device, what will happen if you do, and what are they really trying to do?

Virus warning from bonsieto.info

The virus warning comes from bonsieto.info. But it isn’t known who is behind it. If you enter the Internet address directly into your browser, it shows straight away that it is a fraudulent website. But this is not immediately apparent on your smartphone.

Initially it just appears as a notification that you should update your Android launcher. This allows you to customise the operating system to your own needs. If you confirm the message by clicking on “OK”  you then get the virus warning. It literally says “Your phone has a virus!” Now you are asked to download a protection program.

Virus warning due to smartphone virus

The virus warning says that you have a smartphone virus. And it urges you that you should install the protection program without delay. But you absolutely should not!  The program comes from an unknown source and is a major security risk. It could be that your criminals can access your mobile phone if the download contains a Trojan or bad Ransomware. The criminals can then steal your contact data or passwords or call premium rate numbers at your expense. Or they could lock your mobile phone and attempt to blackmail you. After the download, you could be tied into a subscription trap, so that you unintentionally complete subscription transactions. The billing is then via your telephone account.

Learn more about the mobile phone virus

If you have a Samsung mobile phone you can activate the device’s own virus scanner in the SmartManager. It will show you whether you really have a virus on your mobile phone.