Game of Thrones Spoiler: Hackers capture HBO data

Spoilers for Game of Thrones

Are you trying to avoid websites that post Game of Thrones spoilers? Then you have to be even more careful, because hackers have allegedly stolen 1.5 terabytes of data from the broadcaster HBO.

The series Game of Thrones is currently being broadcast in the US on HBO and on Sky in the UK. You can hardly stand the suspense – Who will sit on the iron throne? If you do not want to know any Game of Thrones spoilers, you have to avoid anything related, on the internet. But now hackers have stolen this information and will certainly share it.

New Game of Thrones Spoiler online soon

According to Entertainment Weekly, hackers managed to steal large amounts of data from HBO. The station produces the highly successful series Game of Thrones and is currently showing the seventh and last Game of Thrones season. So far, summaries of two episodes from the current seventh season have been made. Supposedly you can also find information about a previously unreleased episode on the Internet, which will be shown next week. The broadcaster announced that they had already teamed up with cyber security companies to increase security standards. This is absolutely necessary, because if you consider how well the details of the seventh Game of Thrones season so far has been kept secret. This Game of Thrones leak seems to have been too easy.

Game of Thrones Spoiler

The fact that HBO has been hacked is a disaster for the channel. It is now clear that safety measures need to be increased. If you want to avoid the Game of Thrones spoilers, you simply have to avoid any article that comes your way. Currently the third episode of the seventh season of the Game of Thrones is being broadcast. The final will be broadcast on August 28th. Until then you should definitely not search on Google for Game of Thrones Final or similar search words. Some websites write summaries of the last broadcast and it could be here that you will find out what will happen. You need to avoid these summaries at all costs if you are looking forward to a ‘binge’ of Game of Thrones and have saved them all up to watch in one go.

HBO Hacker attack: Insufficient safety precautions

Several organisations have been victims of cyber attacks recently. The hacker, who stole the data from HBO, reportedly talked to Entertainment Weekly. He boasts that this is the greatest leak in cyber history. He also wants to publish more content from Game of Thrones and other series. HBO needs to be better prepared against hacker attacks. Hackers and cyber criminals not only attack large facilities or companies, but also private users.