Gifts online: Beware of internet scams

Buying gifts online is becoming increasingly popular.

Christmas is approaching and more and more of us are buying our gifts online. But security company Kaspersky Lab have warned against rogue vendors on the Internet that roam on approved platforms.

You should be exercising extreme caution when buying online. Read on to find out what you have to pay attention to, to avoid pre-Christmas Internet rip-off.

The Internet attracts customers with lots of great bargains in the run up to Christmas. In addition, there are more and more campaign days with many price wars. And this brings danger as you are exposed to increased fraudulent traders and potential phishing attacks.

Christmas gifts online shopping can be risky

But what makes buying gifts online for Christmas so dangerous? Where are the dangers? One thing is certain – not only you as an online buyer are jeopardised, even the online retailers themselves are not safe from attacks. The dangers that Kaspersky Lab have said will threaten Christmas shopping:

  • The number of phishing attacks against online shops and payment systems is increasing significantly.
  • Malware is particularly popular on criminals’ campaign days.
  • Trading in counterfeit money cards is booming at Christmas time.
  • The number of hacker attacks on online retailers’ websites is increasing at Christmas time.

Gifts online – tips for safe shopping

You can buy gifts online safely and remain secure. But you have to pay attention to a few things before buying gifts online.

  • Always check exactly where you want to buy. Look for the company details. Make sure that a UK address and a contact person is listed. Beware of shops that specify only a P.O. box or foreign address.
  • Look at exactly what price you are paying for an item. If the price of a branded item is well below the average, you should be careful. This also applies if the shipping costs are unclear.
  • Please be aware of payment in advance. Secure methods of payment are: direct debit, credit card or invoice. If there is only the option of prepayment be on your guard. If you pay by debit card, the bank can not undo advance payments. In other words, your money may well be lost if the transaction is fraudulent.
  • How are the data transferred? Personal data and, of course, the bank data should always be transmitted only with a secure connection. Identifiable at “https://” in the web address.
  • Read the reviews of other customers. If there are no or many negative reviews, it can be that there are often problems with this shop.
  • For online shops with a money-back guarantee, any transactions you make will be safe. In case of problems with the goods or the shop, you will get your money back.
  • If an online shop specifies a fixed delivery date, it must also adhere to it. If it does not, you can buy the goods somewhere else and get the price difference from the online dealer reimbursed.

Christmas shopping without internet

With these tips, you can get quite safely through online Christmas shopping and navigate possible Internet fraud. However: seeing, smelling, touching – this is all part of the experience when doing your Christmas shopping. And this does not happen when shopping from the sofa.

Although shopping centres and cities may be crowded in the advent season: nowhere else will you get such a great festive feeling as in the beautifully decorated pedestrian zones with a mulled wine in the hand! Also you are not likely to be ripped off in shopping centres, but will be supporting your local dealers. Any questions, returns or exchanges will be no problem at the shop.