Hoefler text in pop up window: Fraud on Google Chrome browser

Criminals are trying to move into Google Chrome with a pop up window to download the Hoefler text.

It is becoming a frequent issue – websites are not displayed correctly because the font is distorted. If you install the missing font, the problem is usually fixed. But beware! On Google Chrome browser, criminals are just trying to get you to install the Hoefler text.

But you should steer clear of doing this, because you will get an unwanted guest on your computer. Read on to find out what is going on and what a pop up window is at all.

Pop Up windows show additional content

If suddenly a small window opens spontaneously, this is no cause for concern. A pop-up window is a visual element and is used to display additional content. When they suddenly jump up, they cover parts of the user interface to attract attention, which is why they are mostly used for advertising. They are not harmful. More info about Pop Up window and how to prevent it can be found in the following article What is a Pop Up?

Hoefler text is not a missing font

The pop-up window currently displayed in Google Chrome browser indicates that the Hoefler text font is not found. It does exist, but not behind this pop-up window. But because it is allegedly missing, the current website cannot be displayed correctly. With a simple click on the update button, the problem is fixed. In fact, criminals have manipulated internet pages and made the font unreadable to get you to update the supposedly missing font.

Behind Hoefler’s text is malicious software

Behind the Hoefler text is not the missing font, but malicious software. The Ransomware Spora, which we have reported in a previous blog, has been installed on computers of the victims via manipulated internet pages and pop-up windows . What pests are still behind the current fraud is not yet known. The problem with Google Chrome, however, is that it does not recognise the fraud automatically and therefore does not alert you to it.

In no event should you click the update button to install the allegedly missing font, instead click on the pop up window and close the browser.