Laptop slow? – Upgrade your laptop with the Samsung EVO

Robust, durable, versatile: this is the Samsung SSD 860 EVO.

Laptop slow? Upgrade your laptop with the Samsung EVO

What could the problem be? Your laptop is slow because it isn’t up to date. But if your laptop is too slow for you, you might not be ready to throw it away just yet. We have the solution for you: With a Samsung EVO, your laptop can be upgraded and will be faster than before.

Upgrade your laptop with Samsung SSDs

If you want to give your computer a whole new kick, it’s quite easy. A Samsung EVO SSD is everything you need. With that you can upgrade your laptop. For anyone whose computer has slowed down, and for those that think fast not fast enough. The Samsung SSD EVO 860 is not only easy to use, but also has fast data transfer.

SSD stands for “Solid-State-Drive”, which means a super-fast storage medium. But when is the right time for an SSD? For example, if it feels like your computer takes forever to load a program or to view photos and videos, it could be time for a SSD. No matter what tasks you do with your computer. Whether you only want to edit your photos, cut small videos or transfer large amounts of data – with an SSD EVO 860 from Samsung your system will get the necessary speed.

What can the Samsung SSD 860 EVO do?

The Samsung 860 EVO offers you plenty of storage space. External SSDs offer up to 2 TB of storage space, internal SSDs even up to 4 TB. That means you could save a quarter of a million cat videos. With the Samsung 860 EVO , the Koreans also rely on the new V-NAND memory, which should make the storage media more robust, durable and versatile.

That’s why your data on such a disk is also very secure. Nevertheless, there remains a residual risk. That’s why it’s best to back up regularly.

Laptop slow? Samsung EVO with high performance

If your laptop has become slow, then select a Samsung SSD 860 EVO  to upgrade your laptop . The new model offers very high performance and was designed especially for notebooks and PCs. It is based on the new V-NAND memory technology. The details of the SSD:

  • 2.5 “form factor,
  • SATA 6 Gb / s interface,
  • up to 4TB of storage capacity,
  • Writes up to 520 MB / s thanks to TurboWrite technology and reads data at up to 550 MB / s.