Lily drone – more than just video selfies: Bird’s eye action shot

Lily drone promises excellent shots of you in action. It will automatically fly after you.

The Lily Revolution: There are many drones available on the market that suit all budgets. For action videos especially, drones can take some fantastic shots. The Lily drone may just be what you’re been waiting for.

The drone is the world’s first throw-and-shoot camera. It has been developed by Lily Robotics Inc. and has been in the planning for four years. The finished product will soon be available.

The camera with autopilot

Lily is not a remote-controlled drone in the classic sense. The flying camera knows where it has to look, through a scanning transmitter. This is worn on the wrist of the person being photographed. If the transmitter moves out of a certain radius, the drone simply flies behind. This means that a normal remote control is not needed so practically speaking, you are free to concentrate fully on your activity because you have your hands free. On the website of the developer, a possible application can be seen as it films a snowboarding trip in the mountains. Since the drone is waterproof, it is also possible to use whilst in a canoe or kayak.

Camera angle, technical data and more

After it starts up, the Lily drone uses a combination of GPS and visual processing to track the user. By selecting different presets via an app, the drone flies directly or diagonally behind the wearer. A “lead” setting is also possible, in which the small camera flies in front of the carrier in the direction of the finder transmitter. The unit is 26.1 cm wide and deep. It is 8.18 cm in height and 1.3 kg in weight, and so will fit comfortably into every backpack.

Possible issue

There is one possible sticking point with the drone: With the permanently installed accumulator and a flight time of 20 minutes the operation is only enough for one or two runs in the ski resort. However, it is ready for use again in about two hours of charging. With four gigabytes of internal memory and a SD card slot, the drone has enough space for Full 1080p HD videos with an image rate of 60 fps. The digital image stabilizer lets you shoot sharp images at 12 megapixels.

You can see what applications the impressive drone offers here: