Netflix Movies offline: Download only possible to a limited extent

Often you cannot watch Netflix movies offline.

For just six months you have been able to watch Netflix movies offline. But now Netflix introduces a download limitation. 

Now you cannot download your favourite movies as often as you like to watch them offline. They are now restricted to a reduced amount. Read on to find out why Netflix has introduced the download restriction and what it means for streaming movies.

Watch Netflix Movies offline

So far, you have been able to download your favourite series and films without limits. Whenever you wanted, you could see your Netflix movies offline. If you downloaded your series or movies with internet connection on your mobile devices, you could watch the movies offline when you were out and about. You could download as often as you wanted. The only restriction was that the material was available for only 48 hours. If you did not manage to watch your downloads during this time, you had to download them again. But this is about to change.

Netflix movies offline no longer limitless

Now there is a download restriction, at least for some parts of the Netflix library. This means that you can no longer watch Netflix movies as many times as you want. It is only allowed a fixed number of times, afterwards you can only stream this content without limitation. However, Netflix is ​​not responsible for the restriction. This is put in place by the rights holder. AndroidPolice assumes that you can download some videos only four to five times a year. And that is already a considerable limitation. If you have exceeded the number, you can then only stream the movies and series with a stable Internet connection.

Why the download restriction?

But why the download restriction? The reason for this can be, among other things, of a technical nature and could be due to the server capacity of Netflix. In order to be able to provide streams and downloads, Netflix has to find a lot of servers on which all the films and serials are made available. Another possible reason, however, is that the rights owners do not want to make their content available for ever. They could then offer the downloads at a later date and attract subscribers for Netflix and thus customers for their series and films.

Netflix Download – Info about limit is too late

The biggest problem with the limitation of the Netflix download is that Netflix informs its customers much too late. Imagine you just downloaded your favourite series for the third time because you have not managed to view the download yet. There was always something that got in the way. So again you download it, but you get a notification that this is the last time you can download it. So you are now forced to watch the whole series if you do not want to stream it again later. The notification is given much too late though in our opinion. A message should be displayed to you at the first download, about how often the desired content can be downloaded.

Netflix movies: plan carefully

So you should avoid downloading your movies carelessly, and not assume that you can always download them again. Otherwise you could be on your next trip with nothing to watch. So you must plan your downloads carefully.

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