New Nintendo Switch console: Switch has arrived

The new Nintendo console will be launched under the name “Switch”.

Fans of Mario and Zelda etc. have been waiting for the new Nintendo console and will certainly be celebrating today. Because Nintendo Switch has arrived! It was announced in  2015 as “NX”, it is available to buy now.

The great thing about the switch console is that you can play everywhere. At home on TV, outside in the garden, on the road or on the train. Find out what is special about the game console, what games it has and what it costs.

New Nintendo switch console with hybrid concept

As a successor to the rather unsuccessful Wii U, the new Nintendo console follows  a hybrid concept for the first time. On the other hand, you can play at home, so you can play using your TV, but on the other hand it has also a handheld console with detachable control components, called Joy-Con controllers. After the Wii U failure, the Japanese have to deliver and regain the trust of the gaming community. The innovative game principle, that is, the ability to play stationary as well as mobile, will help to revolutionise the gaming world.

How does Switch’s hybrid concept work?

But how does the hybrid concept of the new Nintendo console work? With the Nintendo Switch you should really be able to game anywhere. Just take your handheld console with the detachable Joy-Con controllers with you. It is reminiscent of the size of a navigation device being just under 20 x 10 centimeters. At 300 grams it’s a good weight, together with the additional controllers, it weighs 400 grams.

If you want to play at home on the TV, put the handheld in the base station, take a controller in your hand and play. The Joy-Con controller should be plugged into a “grip holder” or a Pro-Controller can be used – but this is not included in the set, it can be purchased separately. You can find out about possible accessories on the Nintendo site .

Games for the new Nintendo console

There are many existing games available for the new Nintendo console. “The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild” one of the hallmarks of the Japanese. Apart from that the miniature collection ”1-2-Switch“, ”Skylanders Imaginators” and ”Just Dance 2017“. Only at the end of April follows ”Mario Kart 8 Deluxe“. In the summer the colourful children’s game is released ”Splatoon 2“, before ”Super Mario Odyssey” presumably more will be released in time for Christmas. Of course, third parties are also prepared for the Switch. Bethesda announced a release of “Skyrim” for the switch, but so far without mentioning an appointment. The same applies to “Fire Emblem Warriors”, “Xenoblade Chronicles 2”, “Dragon Quest 11”, “Dragon Quest Heroes” and Shin Megami Tensei “. In addition, Electronic Arts plans to provide the “FIFA” series for the Switch later this year.

What does the new Nintendo console switch cost?

And what does the new Nintendo console cost ? It is not cheap at £280 which is significantly higher than was anticipated in the run-up. In addition, there are a lot of additional costs: The Joy-Con-Controller required for the multiplayer costs £75, If you have purchased additional Joy-Con controllers, you need another Joy-Con-handle to get a full-fledged controller. There is the Charging Grip for £23, which unlike the handle charges your Joy-Con-Controller whilst playing.

Learn more about the Nintendo Switch

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