Nokia 3310: Return of the classic with Snake game

The Nokia phone is back. The cult mobile phone shines not only with its color display, but also with a long time between charges. Photo: Nokia

Phone calls and SMS – these are the focus of the new old Nokia 3310. The mobile phone classic came on the market in the year 2000 and was presented as a modern variant at the Mobile World Congress (MWC).

But it’s not only the cult mobile phone that is returning, but also the cult game of Snake and the old ringtone.

The silhouette and the ringtone are strongly reminiscent of  the original, but the new Nokia 3310 is lighter and slimmer than the original phone. In addition, of course, timely adjustments have been made. But! – This mobile phone is not suitable for surfing the Internet, its main focus is on sending and receiving messages.

Nokia phone with colour display

The modern Nokia is colourful and has a curved 2.4 inch display, which should also be easy to read in sunlight. It also has a colour display that should be as energy-saving as the monochrome display of the old Nokia 3310.

And the cult game Snake is even more fun with the colour screen, because the snake is now collecting not only colourful fruit, but also the snakes themselves are in colourful hues across the display.

Although the display itself has grown significantly, the keyboard has remained the same. In addition, the new old phone comes in bright colours: in red and yellow with glossy surface, as well as in gray and dark blue with matt surface.

Long battery life with the new Nokia 3310

The new Nokia 3310 impresses  with its enormous recharge time. Compared to modern smartphones, the power of the battery is phenomenal: According to the manufacturer, the maximum talk time is up to 22 hours; in standby, a battery charge should last up to 31 days. MP3 files can be played 51 hours nonstop and the FM radio playback time is up to 39 hours. Of course, there is a headphone jack for listening to music and a fast 2-megapixel camera with an LED flash for the fast photo.

And if the battery needs to be charged at any time, you can recharge it with a commercially available micro-USB plug.

Visually hardly different, but the old Nokia 3310 had to get along without a colour display.

New Nokia phone with 16 MB of memory

The new Nokia phone has a 16 megabyte memory. A large part of this is used by the system. To upgrade the mobile phone, you can insert a 32 GB micro SD card. Operating system is Nokia Series 30+, an upgrade to Android is not provided.

Although the Opera Mini is installed as a browser, but the phone supports Nokia only 2G / GSM on 900 and 1.800 MHz and thus does not dominate either UMTS or LTE. More information about the new Nokia 3310 can be found in the article –  The new Nokia.

Nokia 3310 as second handy phone for nostalgia

The new Nokia 3310 is perfect as second handy for nostalgia. But also for children who are on the move simply to be contactable. And it is great for those who are not interested in apps and surfing the Internet from their smartphone.

The mobile phone will probably be available in the second quarter at a price of about £40. What do you think of the return of the former cult phone? Do you think Nokia has done the right thing making a comback? Let us know in the comments.

Are you interested in the new old Nokia phone? Then learn more about the new mobile phone and watch this YouTube video: