When children sleep in the car, you don’t need children’s apps to keep them occupied.
Expensive Children’s Apps: How to avoid being stung by in-app purchases

Holidays are almost here – and of course it all starts with a long stressful journey.  How can we keep the little ones occupied? Well, if you’re well prepared you can have the best children’s apps all ready and waiting to keep them happy. Beware though! If children can make in-app purchases, playing on the […]

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Android SpyDealer Trojan is here again
SpyDealer Trojan: Android Trojan is listening to phone calls

An old acquaintance is back. The SpyDealer Trojan is once again infecting Android devices. The Trojan has been active for two years and is stealing data from several apps that might be on your smartphone. Read on to find out how the Android malware does this and why the Trojan is currently particularly active. SpyDealer […]

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Android apps are eavesdropping
Android Apps may be eavesdropping: Ultrasonic tracking for advertising purposes

Do you value your privacy? It’s almost impossible to keep your business private if you use Google. Google really does knows everything about its users. They know all about you from your Internet history, to searches carried out verbally. But now Android apps are also collecting information about you too – by eavesdropping. Over 230 […]

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Snapchat laucnhes location-sharing feature Snap Map
Snap Map: The new Snapchat feature: Could children be in danger?

A new function in Snapchat has been released in a recent update :  Snap Map.  It has raised safety concerns among schools and parents. Should you be worried about your child’s safety?  Read the blog to find out more. The new update to Snapchat allows people to search for places such as museums or schools. It […]

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The Blue Whale Challenge is supposed to drive teenagers to suicide.
Blue Whale Challenge: Social Media Game causing Suicide?

The Blue Whale Challenge is a new online game. It originates in Russia and has allegedly already caused several teenagers to commit suicide. But is that really true? Is there really any challenge at all or is it a completely made up? Or is it just the media causing panic? Read on to find out […]

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Facial recognition for advertising: Personalised advertising could soon be standard.
Facial recognition when shopping: Advertisement targeting

Facial recognition could soon be used when you are doing your shopping. So if you go to a supermarket and see a screen with advertisements, you could see personalised advertising in the future. Read on to find out how this works and whether this is morally right. It’s nothing new that software and devices are […]

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A real mail from Google support, which warns against a fraud attempt.
Fake Google Support: Phishing mail from Google

If you get a warning from Google Support via email, you can be almost certain it’s a phishing email. Fraudsters are sending out an e-mail as if there is an issue with your Google mail account. Read our blog to find out why it is dangerous to click on the links in such emails. Everyone who […]

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Often you cannot watch Netflix movies offline.
Netflix Movies offline: Download only possible to a limited extent

For just six months you have been able to watch Netflix movies offline. But now Netflix introduces a download limitation.  Now you cannot download your favourite movies as often as you like to watch them offline. They are now restricted to a reduced amount. Read on to find out why Netflix has introduced the download […]

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In order to avoid surfing on holiday, you have to get enough information about EU roaming charges.
EU roaming charges: Caution when surfing abroad with automatic data

If you holiday abroad you will be looking forward to free mobile phone EU roaming. At last, from June 15, 2017, you can make calls and surf for the same price as you would at home. But beware! As mobile operators now have less money to go into the tills, you have to be careful […]

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Fraudsters send mails with the prompt to change your password. So they get access to your iCloud.
Apple iCloud Account Accessed!: Caution, Phishing Attempt!

Phishing attempts are everywhere. Many Apple users are getting a warning about an unauthorised third party access to their iCloud accounts. If you fall victim to this believable trap, it could open the door to sensitive data. Whether it’s Amazon, Paypal, eBay, Zalando or now also Apple – the sneaky fraudsters of today are betraying the […]

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