Which mobile browser is the best? We take a closer look at different browser alternatives.
Compare Mobile browsers – Which is the best mobile browser?

The Internet browser is also one of the most used apps on the smartphone. But which is the best mobile browser? And what should you pay attention to when choosing your mobile browser? Our smartphone browser comparison takes a close look at the most popular mobile phone browsers and checks which mobile browser has the edge in the end. Mobile browsers […]

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The mobile phone display is often full of geasy streaks and fingerprints
Clean your mobile phone – Clean up screen and speaker

Studies have proven that cleaning your mobile phone is definitely a good idea. Often there is more bacteria on your screen and the phone’s surface than on a public toilet! Germs and bacteria are rife on phone displays. Smudges, fingerprints and dust not only make the mobile phone screen dirty, but the speaker input and battery […]

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Brilliant colours and sharpness of detail – the new televisions already have an excellent picture quality
Optimise TV picture settings – How to set up your TV properly

You fiddle about, hit the wrong buttons, and, in no time at all, the picture on the TV is out of whack. The characters in your favourite TV series look like they fell asleep on the sunbed! Or even worse, the whole picture is distorted. We’ll tell you how you can optimise the TV picture […]

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PC doesn’t recognise mobile phone? Try our tips.
PC doesn’t recognise your mobile phone: Our tips

When you connect your smartphone to your PC or laptop, does it always recognise it? If not, rest assured that this is a relatively common occurrence. We will give you tips on how to make sure  your computer recognise your mobile phone. If you want to transfer photos or music from one device to the […]

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Farmville Tips: Play a strategy game on mobile phones and laptops
Secret Farmville Tips: Farmville 2 for Android and PC

Do you  like to play Farmville on your smartphone? Did you know that you can play Farmville on your PC too? We will tell you the best secret Farmville tips. If you have a Windows laptop and have Windows 8 or Windows 10 installed on it, you may have stumbled across the Farmville 2 app […]

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The most popular streaming service is Spotify for music.
Spotify Music Streaming: New record for Spotify

The Spotify music streaming service has broken another record. When you listen to music on your computer, smartphone or tablet you are doing this by streaming music. The number of Spotify subscriber numbers speak for themselves. Downloading MP3s used to be the popular way of listening to music. Today, thanks to fast Internet connections, you can […]

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Spoilers for Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones Spoiler: Hackers capture HBO data

Are you trying to avoid websites that post Game of Thrones spoilers? Then you have to be even more careful, because hackers have allegedly stolen 1.5 terabytes of data from the broadcaster HBO. The series Game of Thrones is currently being broadcast in the US on HBO and on Sky in the UK. You can […]

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WhatsApp chats are restored via a chat backup on the iPhone.
Don’t lose your WhatsApp chats: Transfer them to your new iPhone

Is the new iPhone 8 on your wishlist? There is talk of the new iPhone being released in September. If you want to transfer WhatsApp chats onto your new iPhone, there are a few things you need to consider. There has been gossip about the new iPhone for ages. There have been lots of new iPhone 8 […]

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LeakerLocker, the blackmailer, is currently disabling Android devices
LeakerLocker Ransomware: Malware publishes personal information

Almost every day a new Trojan or Ransomware is discovered. They disable your mobile phone so that criminals can get hold of your personal data. The new malware LeakerLocker has recently been detected which infects Android devices. Read on to find out exactly what LeakerLocker does on your smartphone and how you can protect yourself. […]

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The Android Marcher Trojan attacks your Android and steals your bank details.
Android Marcher Trojan: Another Banking Malware

The Android Marcher Trojan is a current danger for many smartphone users. If you think that your smartphone is safe, then you may be wrong. People need to be taking necessary actions to make sure that their smartphones are well protected against mobile phone viruses. Banking apps are popular and widespread. You can quickly and […]

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