Super Mario Run from Nintendo brings the classic game to the iPhone and iPad.
Super Mario Run: Jump’n’run classic for Smartphone

Collecting coins, jumping over small monsters, and finally reaching the flagpole – Super Mario Run is the latest addition to Nintendo, which will be available on the App Store from December 15th. Free, but with a big “but”. Because only a small demo version is really free. What can you expect from the games classic […]

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Under “Settings” and “Data usage” you will find the evaluation of your data volume.
Save data volume saving: Tips to combat a congested Internet

To save data, do you stay off the internet? – Maybe not. As soon as you are outside a wireless network, each video and every Facebook update uses a lot of high-speed data volume. Read on for tips on simple counter-measures that get the most out of your tariff. If you travel lot, you may […]

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Safety gap in the home router.
Router Vulnerabilities: Secure Password needed for routers

Beware! There are serious safety breaches in home routers. 15 percent of routers are only protected with a weak password and the default username “admin”. A comprehensive test by the security experts from security software maker ESET, have now found in a comprehensive test. 12,000 routers were examined anonymously and the result is frightening. In […]

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