Romantic Emoticons: WhatsApp Labels

A chain letter, which promises new romantic emoticons.

Beware of the supposedly new emoticons on WhatsApp. A new chain letter promises you romantic emoticons or contains a link with the keyword “”. But be careful before you sign up to these cute smileys.

Read on to find out the consequences of clicking the link

One thing is certain. If you follow the link, nothing good will come of it. And certainly you will get no new romantic emoticons.

Romantic emoticons in the WhatsApp chain letter

But what happens if you follow the “” link in the WhatsApp chain letter when you click it? Do you get romantic emoticons on your smartphone? No, certainly not. The most harmless thing that can happen is that you are tapping into a nasty subscription or landing on adult sites. This is annoying, but not yet dangerous, but it might get worse.

It is also possible that you should forward the message before you can download the emoticons. Or a virus warning will appear, which puts you under pressure to download a dubious app. But it gets much worse. A click on the link can mean that your browser is blocked or you just get a surf lock. Or even worse: You can no longer surf, because apparently a prosecutor has been informed and you need to pay a fine of around 200 pounds.

Chain letter comes from own contacts

As so often, the chain letter with the romantic emoticons it looks as if it comes from your own contacts. We can only warn you: Do not click on the link “” in the message, but delete it and tell your contacts to do the same.  Inform them what this is all about and that this message is only intended to rip you off.