Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8: Rumours about the super-smartphone

One of many conceptual graphics of the new Galaxy S8 flagship from Samsung.

Samsung seems to be getting serious with its new Galaxy S8 smartphone: If you believe the many rumours, the release of the new flagship smartphone is not too far away. This is now regularly accompanied by new information on the specifications published independently by various sources.

Which information we are told, ultimately may still be dependent on the official departments of Samsung. Nevertheless, we will tell you what innovations we consider probable.

Galaxy S8: Has Samsung learned from the note 7 debacle?

Normally, the Korean smartphone manufacturer uses the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) for the presentation of new models, which will take place this year from February 27 to March 2 in Barcelona. However, the press announced that the new super smartphone would be present but not accessible to the general public. Possibly only selected representatives from specialist magazines etc. will have access to a demonstration model. The reason for the postponement, apparently is because of the battery debacle through which the Galaxy Note 7 had received a sad notoriety. To avoid this, the new devices are tested more intensively than ever before.

Features and functions of the new Samsung S8

The Galaxy S7 is not yet a year old, as the whole world talks about the release of the eighth branch of the popular Galaxy-S series. And not without reason: The S8 has (rumored) to have a lot of what the previous models lacked. Most users did not like the “camera-hump” on the back, which was noticed on the S6. At the time the engineers had not yet succeeded in sinking the rear camera completely in the housing. On the S8, however, this aesthetic aspect has been taken into account. The biggest change, however, is the front design. The AMOLED display (without 4K resolution) is in the standard version at least 5.7 inches diagonal with the same, if not lower housing. This would mean a nearly borderless screen. There is no such thing in the smartphone world currently.

3.5 mm audio connector: Will you want it?

Apple has dropped the 3.5 mm jack connector on the outside of it’s iPhone 7. This caused a huge wave of indignation among it’s customers. And especially because the offered alternative, the Apple AirPods, were extremely overpriced and not available for a long time. Whether Samsung with their new S8 Galaxy flagship have made the same mistake is currently not yet entirely clear. However, preliminary drafts for third-party protective covers show a recess for the popular connector. Also, according to insider information stereo speakers should be on board, as was the case with the HTC One M7 the first time. The main camera comes with a single lens instead of two. The front camera is to have an autofocus for the first time – which is perfect for self-help.

Presentation and prices

When the device is actually released, remains to be seen. It is expected to be this coming April. Even the price can only be speculated. However, it is clear that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not cheap. We continue to wait and will keep you informed.