Save data volume saving: Tips to combat a congested Internet

Under “Settings” and “Data usage” you will find the evaluation of your data volume.

To save data, do you stay off the internet? – Maybe not. As soon as you are outside a wireless network, each video and every Facebook update uses a lot of high-speed data volume. Read on for tips on simple counter-measures that get the most out of your tariff.

If you travel lot, you may switch off the WLAN option on your smartphone to save battery. There are a lot of tricks that drastically reduce your consumption. Read on to find out what these are.

Save data volume: This menu gives an overview

Under “Settings” and “Data usage” you will find the evaluation of your data volume.

To keep an eye on your consumption, use the menu on the right. For Android users, you can find it in “Settings” and “Data Usage”. The limit can be set individually according to the tariff and warns you, as soon as you approach this limit of data consumption. Via the menu item you can set a lock “Set mobile data limit” which also triggers an alarm and stops the traffic as soon as the limit is reached.

Which app attracts the most data volume?

This question can also be answered via the menu described above. If you scroll down in the same menu, you will find all volume-eaters listed. At the top are usually video providers like Youtube, Netflix etc. closely followed by instant messengers like WhatsApp etc. If your friends often post long videos or lots of pictures, these are downloaded automatically in the background so you can watch them immediately. This function can be disabled or restricted via the WhatsApp menu “Settings” and “Data usage”. If you’re out on the road, but still want to view your photos, you see them in “Photos” in “Media Auto-Download”. Also for calls via WhatsApp, the traffic data can be reduced, but the call quality may be restricted.

Automatic Updates: This saves a lot of data

On every smartphone there are countless apps that are gradually being updated. The Google Play or Apple App Store looks for updates depending on the data lines – even if you are not on WLAN. This function can be deactivated, for example in the Playstore, by tapping the menu button in the upper left and then navigating down to “Settings”. The resulting menu lets you choose whether the apps are always updated, only via WLAN or never automatically. For system software updates, the system asks you if and when the update should be downloaded and installed. In the best case, the best way to do this is when it is connected to the WLAN and plugged in, as this process can take longer.