Spotify Music Streaming: New record for Spotify

The most popular streaming service is Spotify for music.

The Spotify music streaming service has broken another record. When you listen to music on your computer, smartphone or tablet you are doing this by streaming music. The number of Spotify subscriber numbers speak for themselves.

Downloading MP3s used to be the popular way of listening to music. Today, thanks to fast Internet connections, you can access music streaming. Spotify is particularly successful. The music streaming service has provided its subscribers with a large catalogue of music. But why is it so popular?

Spotify music streaming is the most popular

Spotify has long since been providing a music streaming service long before there was Apple Music, Deezer and others. It is no surprise that Spotify is now reporting that the number of subscribers has risen to 60 million paying customers. The music news website, Stereogum, reports about it.  This is 10 million more paying users than was the case five months ago. Apple Music, which has been running for less time has 27 million subscribers. If you have a Spotify subscription, you probably will not have an Apple Music subscription as well. The catalogues are very similar, except for a few exceptions, and the operation is similar for both services. Apple Music does not offer free music streaming.

How fair is Spotify?

Spotify concludes contracts with labels that circulate the music of artists. If the labels allow the music of the artists to be played on Spotify, the labels get money from Spotify. But how much does an artist really receive? How fair is Spotify to the artists? The general consensus differs quite a lot. There are some artists who will not allow their music to be streamed on Spotify. Tom Yorke who is the lead singer of UK band Radiohead is one of them. He said that ‘New artists you discover on Spotify will not get paid’.  This is the argument of many artists. The remuneration of Spotify is so small that only the really great artists could live on it. A small artist would be streamed, but would hardly get any money.  A Spotify artist can expect only a very small fee of 0.0006 to 0.0084 dollars per stream.

This is a small amount of money. This money goes first to the record labels, who then distribute the revenues to the artists. So you have to think as an artist, whether you  would allow Spotify music streaming or not.