LeakerLocker, the blackmailer, is currently disabling Android devices
LeakerLocker Ransomware: Malware publishes personal information

Almost every day a new Trojan or Ransomware is discovered. They disable your mobile phone so that criminals can get hold of your personal data. The new malware LeakerLocker has recently been detected which infects Android devices. Read on to find out exactly what LeakerLocker does on your smartphone and how you can protect yourself. […]

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Android SpyDealer Trojan is here again
SpyDealer Trojan: Android Trojan is listening to phone calls

An old acquaintance is back. The SpyDealer Trojan is once again infecting Android devices. The Trojan has been active for two years and is stealing data from several apps that might be on your smartphone. Read on to find out how the Android malware does this and why the Trojan is currently particularly active. SpyDealer […]

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The Gooligan software attacks Android. One million devices have already been hacked.
Gooligan infects Android smartphones: New malware

Gooligan is a new malware on Android smartphones. This malicious software has already hacked over a million devices. The consequence is that hackers get full access to your mobile phone with the aim of stealing Google account information. We will advise you how you can protect yourself. The problem is that the malware hides behind […]

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