Android SpyDealer Trojan is here again
SpyDealer Trojan: Android Trojan is listening to phone calls

An old acquaintance is back. The SpyDealer Trojan is once again infecting Android devices. The Trojan has been active for two years and is stealing data from several apps that might be on your smartphone. Read on to find out how the Android malware does this and why the Trojan is currently particularly active. SpyDealer […]

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A new Android Trojan lets fraudsters control your device remotely.
Android Trojans grants hackers remote access: Fake Adobe Flash Player

We have reported many times about Android Trojans. Anyone who opens the door to the well disguised Trojans, gives them almost complete access rights and the possibility to control your device remotely. The malicious software then reads entries on the screen and transmits them to the author. In order to do this, it must be […]

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