On the list of popular passwords in 2016, there are no secure passwords.
Top list of popular passwords: ‘123456’ at No. 1 in 2016 again

It is hard to believe, but “123456” still tops the list of most popular passwords in 2016, a Chicago based security firm has confirmed. We’ll introduce you to the most popular, if very unsafe, passwords. The passwords were analysed by Keeper who are a password management firm who carried out the research. “Looking at the list of […]

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Safety gap in the home router.
Router Vulnerabilities: Secure Password needed for routers

Beware! There are serious safety breaches in home routers. 15 percent of routers are only protected with a weak password and the default username “admin”. A comprehensive test by the security experts from security software maker ESET, have now found in a comprehensive test. 12,000 routers were examined anonymously and the result is frightening. In […]

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