So far, Android users can not download the Super Mario app. This is about to change soon.
Super Mario App for Android: Cyber-criminals hype

Since mid-December, the Super Mario app has been the superstar of iOS devices. In just four days the game was downloaded 40 million times. Since then 90 million Super Mario fans are supposed to have the game on their Apple devices. Now, Android users are also waiting longingly for the app. And cyber-criminals exploit this […]

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Super Mario Run from Nintendo brings the classic game to the iPhone and iPad.
Super Mario Run: Jump’n’run classic for Smartphone

Collecting coins, jumping over small monsters, and finally reaching the flagpole – Super Mario Run is the latest addition to Nintendo, which will be available on the App Store from December 15th. Free, but with a big “but”. Because only a small demo version is really free. What can you expect from the games classic […]

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