The Ransomware Spora worm spreads like a virus on computers and behaves like a Trojan.
Ransomware Spora: A worm with Trojan capabilities

The Ransomware Spora is on the attack. A new worm that behaves like a blackmail Trojan. Analysts for malicious software describe the worm as “the most mature blackmail program ever”. All it takes is a simple click and the ransomware gets into your operating system and starts to encrypt your personal files. We’ll explain how […]

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Initially intended for smartphones, FLocker now also accesses Smart TV devices
Ransomware Flaker on Smart TV: Threat of cyber espionage

Extortionists have found another way into your home. Security experts have long warned that it is only a matter of time before cyber criminals attack Smart TV devices. Now the Ransomware Flaker has hit. We will tell you what has happened, how the attack takes place, and whether we should all be afraid of this Smart […]

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