Whatsapp security is not as secure, as was previously thought.
WhatsApp security missing: Gap in end-to-end encryption

With the introduction of the end-to-end encryption, all WhatsApp users were happy about the new WhatsApp security. Since the introduction of the encryption, chats were completely confidential and could only be read by the chat partner. Supposedly! But now, a security breach has become apparent. Read on to find out how secure your private chats […]

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Whats app wants to focus on users with common operating systems. Therefore WhatsApp no longer available for all users.
WhatsApp no longer available: For some devices the end is nigh!

Soon WhatsApp will no longer be available on some devices: older Android models and Apple phones will be removed from the list of supported smartphones. The most popular instant messenger in the UK will then no longer be usable from those phones. Owners of these older models will soon have to look for a new […]

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