WhatsApp Business: New app version for companies

A new WhatsApp version: WhatsApp Business is aimed at companies.

One billion people worldwide use Messenger WhatsApp. But this is not enough for the parent company Facebook. Founder Mark Zuckerberg wants even more users to use the new app version WhatsApp Business.

With WhatsApp Business, he wants to appeal to small and medium-sized enterprises in particular. Read on to find out what it’s all about.

WhatsApp Business as a new app version

Three years ago, Facebook took over the Messenger service WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars. WhatsApp continues to run without any advertising, advertisements and in the meantime also without an annual fee. To the delight of the numerous users.

This is to change because the parent company Facebook is planning a new version of the app: WhatsApp Business is designed to enable companies and their customers to communicate quickly and easily. However, it remains unclear what role the Facebook Messenger should play in the future. It was also intended for communication between the customer and the company.

Planned Name: “WhatsApp for Business”

When the limit of one billion users at WhatsApp was reached, Zuckerberg congratulated the team behind WhatsApp. At the same time, he announced that it would make it easier to communicate with companies. So he wrote on Facebook: “Next, we’re going to make it easier to communicate with businesses” and therefore came the development of ” WhatsApp for Business “.

However, the commercial use is difficult and is clearly excluded in the conditions of use. Nevertheless, there are already companies and media who communicate with their customers via WhatsApp. In this way, customer data is transferred to the parent company. However, what is problematic is that there is no valid data protection agreement between Europe and the USA since the Safe Harbor agreement was suspended. Safe Harbor secured the legal transfer of data to third countries when these countries adhere to the privacy policy. In this context, the European Union understands, in particular, the protection of the privacy of natural persons in the processing of personal data “(Article 1 (1) Directive 95/46 / EC ).

WhatsApp Business startup in India

At the moment, the new app version is currently in the test phase. Startup should start WhatsApp Business then in the next weeks in India. There are 200 million WhatsApp users alone. The business version is supposedly aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises, which have a large customer base. With the business version, companies can provide their customers with targeted messages and videos, making communication between companies and customers easier.

The main goal with the new version of the app is certainly the generation of a new source of income. For example, through contracts with the companies that want to use the app. Which encryption methods the app will have is not yet known. But also the business version of the app brings you, as customers some advantages: In addition to the chats with family and friends you can also order the shopping from the supermarket via WhatsApp or move a doctor’s appointment. Spam news and advertising is supposedly blocked.

WhatsApp Business Alternative

An alternative to WhatsApp Business is already in existence. Smoope is the app that allows companies to connect with their customers. So far, the app is used mainly for complaints and questions. What Smoope is, you can find on the Smoope homepage. And if you’re not a WhatsApp user yet, the Messenger app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store .