WhatsApp crashes: Black dot crashes smartphone

Have you heard about the message that contains a black dot? WhatsApp crashes when you click on the dot. Is this true? We’ll explain what this news is all about and whether WhatsApp does actually crash.

Almost daily, we could report on news about the popular messenger WhatsApp. Today there is a new WhatsApp alert .

WhatsApp crashes through black dot

There have been several media reports: WhatsApp crashes when you get a message that contains a black dot. But what is it exactly? We explain it to you.

The messages that are going around include the phrase, “This is very interesting.” It is followed by a laughing emoji. However it also masquerades in the following form:

“If you click on the black dot then your WhatsApp hangs!”

And although the message warns you about what happens when you click on the dot, many of you seem to be trying it out anyway. But you really should not click on the black dot!

At the moment you are not threatened by any virus or other malicious software, if you get this message. But this nasty joke actually forces a WhatsApp crash .

Black Dot causes WhatsApp crash – why?

What happens if you click on the black dot ? How is WhatsApp crashed ? The common feature of this message is that the dot is a Unicode and there is a large number of control characters hidden behind the dot. These invisible characters trigger a program to make the characters visible. This is not a problem for a smartphone. But because the message contains a certain combination, this string of characters is repeated in different directions. The smartphone is overwhelmed and WhatsApp crashes.

However, the entire smartphone is affected, not just Whatsapp. But no worry –  If you click on such a message and your smartphone gives up the ghost, just reboot it and everything is fine again. Data is not lost by this nasty joke.

WhatsApp crashes – who is affected?

The message with the black dot and WhatsApp crashing  is currently spread mainly via WhatsApp under the Android operating system. But basically all messengers and all operating systems are affected.

However, the message does not directly ensure that your smartphone crashes. Instead, it only keeps your device busy for a long time. If your phone has a strong processor, you may not notice it. Weaker processors give up the ghost relatively quickly.

WhatsApp crashes – how can you protect yourself?

WhatsApp crashes  – did this happen to you? Then you already know that your smartphone will not be damaged. At least not yet, because what is currently just a nasty joke, of course, this could change and then there could be other effects. But nothing happens except a system crash and a necessary reboot .

You can protect yourself quite simply: Do not click on such messages and never click on links in messages of unknown origin. Have you received such a message, inform the sender and delete the message without forwarding it.

WhatsApp crashes ? In this YouTube video, you will learn exactly how the black dot works: