WhatsApp email is fake: Phishing alert

Beware of WhatsApp emails – phishing threatens.

Have you ever received a WhatsApp email? How can that be? – because WhatsApp does not know your e-mail address. However, at the moment there are more and more alleged WhatsApp emails doing the rounds. These are WhatsApp phishing mails.

Extreme caution needs to be exercised, because cybercriminals are once again preying on careless users. We will explain this to you in the blog.

We have written several times about WhatsApp fraud, because WhatsApp is always abused by criminals. The reason is that most smartphone users also have WhatsApp installed and use it every day.

WhatsApp email is fake

Currently, e-mails that are supposed to be sent by WhatsApp are piling up. This is, of course, nonsense and WhatsApp has nothing to do with the e-mails. WhatsApp never makes contact with its users via e-mail. You will know that you have only registered with the messenger with your mobile number.

Be careful when you find a WhatsApp e-mail in your mailbox. In the e-mail you will learn that your subscription has expired and you have to extend it urgently. Otherwise, you may lose all your chat, photos, and videos. To prevent this, you should click on the attached link.

WhatsApp email is phishing

By now, all of your alarm bells should be ringing. This e-mail is fake. Finally – and this is a now well known fact  – the WhatsApp Messenger, which belongs to the Facebook group, is no longer paying for itself. And it is also not possible to extend a subscription on the WhatsApp website . Still, criminals will still try to deceive you with this blatant lie.

If you receive a WhatsApp e-mail with the sender “whatsapp” and the subject “renew your WhatsApp Messenger”, you should delete as soon as possible. If you click on the link, Phishing. You are then directed to a website that looks like it could actually belong to WhatsApp. In truth, however, it is a replica. Here they want you to enter your personal and bank data so that WhatsApp can collect the supposedly due subscription amount. But actually, the fraudsters only want to steal your data. The fraudsters can go shopping at your expense and you get the bill.

Succumbed to phishing?

Have you succumbed to the phishing trap? If so, you need to move fast. Be very quick! You must be faster than the criminals. So fast that the fraudsters do not have the chance to go shopping with your data.Inform your bank immediately and block your cards.