WhatsApp no longer available: For some devices the end is nigh!

Whats app wants to focus on users with common operating systems. Therefore WhatsApp no longer available for all users.

Soon WhatsApp will no longer be available on some devices: older Android models and Apple phones will be removed from the list of supported smartphones. The most popular instant messenger in the UK will then no longer be usable from those phones.

Owners of these older models will soon have to look for a new smartphone if they want to use the WhatsApp service again. Which devices are affected exactly, you can read here.

WhatsApp no longer available from these devices:

WhatsApp will no longer be available from January 2017 from the folllwing four types of devices.

  • Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 or older
  • Windows Phone 7 and
  • iPhone 3GS / iOS 6

In June 2017, the following devices will also be removed from the WhatsApp supported devices list.

  • BlackBerry OS, and BlackBerry 10
  • Nokia S40 and
  • Nokia Symbian S60

WhatsApp Support is stopped

Thousands of WhatsApp users will have a new smartphone for Christmas. But what about users who are happy with their old reliable handsets?  The removal of support from older models will be very annoying, to those people. For many, WhatsApp is the most important app on the phone. And for whom it is not important to have the latest technology, they will lose this important app. Because with WhatsApp we plan appointments, chat with friends and tell our loved ones quickly that we have arrived safely. But now many users have to do without the practical app – because their mobile phone is too old.

WhatsApp justifies its decision to focus on the users of current operating systems in the future. Maintaining the app on older platforms is not worth it. This is why WhatsApp recommends upgrading older system users to a newer operating system.

WhatsApp Support

Is there a way to trick your way into still being supported? Yes, at least for owners of older Android devices: Although manufacturers often do not offer system updates for older devices, you can update it yourself. For this you need a custom ROM like CyanogenMod . This is an Aftermarket operating system, an Android offspring, and it promises additional features and improvements in performance, security and stability.

For all others, your only option is to upgrade your phone if you want to continue to use WhatsApp. It is a shame if you are not ready to let your ‘Old Faithful’ go just yet!