Windows 10 Creators Update: Game mode and more security

The Windows Creators Update provides many new features for security, data protection and gaming

The Creators Update for Windows 10 will be available for all users, but not at the same time. Microsoft distributes the update in waves. According to Microsoft, it takes some time for the update to run on all appropriate computers. And that can be days, weeks or even months.

Read on to find out what the update brings and what the updated operating system is like.

The Creator Update for Windows 10 comes with a new game mode.

The “Game Mode” is intended to provide improved gameplay. Microsoft itself is quoted as the “best platform for game broadcasting and 4K gaming” because it includes, among other things, the “option for individual online multiplayer tournaments with arena function”. The game mode is activated in the system settings and it is then usable for each game. What’s special is that it allocates additional graphics and processor resources to the game you are playing. Higher frame rates are therefore possible. With the integrated streaming platform Beam , which is also available on the Xbox One, you can even start your own stream and interact quickly and easily with your audience.Creators Update with new game mode

You decide when to update

Another new feature of the Creators Update is that the user can decide when to install the update. A message informs you that future updates are available and you can then set a time for the installation. A “snooze” button allows the installation to be moved quickly and without further input by three days.

Creators Update brings more security

Microsoft have improved the security aspect in the new Creators Update. The Windows Defender Security Center receives a new overview page and you can see your status at a glance, for protection against viruses and other malicious software. In addition, you can change app and browser controls as well as security settings for all family members. In addition, the Windows Defender Antivirus automatically protects you when additional purchased protection software has expired or you have not installed any at all.

Data protection and 3D technology

The Windows 10 Creators Update provides a better configuration of data protection settings. This replaces the “Express settings”. In the future, you can configure your computer more easily and view the most important privacy settings at a glance. Here you can, among other things, stop the position detection or restrict the speech capture of your digital assistant Cortana. If you choose the new “Easy” option in the diagnosis and usage data collection, less data is sent to Microsoft.

With the new Paint 3D technology, you can  create, edit, and share 3D graphics easily after the Creators Update. At the same time, 3D technology is available in other existing applications such as PowerPoint or Microsoft Edge. Your self-created 3D objects can then be shared via the community There you also have access to a large library of 3D graphics and can share with other users.

Creators Update brings extensions to browsers

Microsoft’s browser edge gets some extensions through the creators update. A clear tab management makes it easy to keep an overview of open windows. For example, by creating tab groups. In reading mode, texts will be more readable in the future and you can access a wide range of e-books in the Windows Store.

Fans of high-resolution 4K (UltraHD) films will also get their money’s worth. Because with the update, the Edge browser can play streamed movies from Netflix in 4K. The competition Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome can not do this yet.

Windows 10 Creators Update – more info

You want to know more about the new Windows 10 Creators Update? For more information about the products check out Windows 10 Creators Update latest news  and Windows 10 Creators Update is here. Of course, Microsoft also informs about the new update .

All the information about the free Creators update is also available in this YouTube video: