iCloud spam is unwanted and annoying.
iCloud spam increases: Ray Ban advertising in Calendar app

A wave of iCloud spam is taking over the Apple Calendar app. The unwanted advertising is placed directly in your calendar. Among other things, the offer deals with reduced sunglasses by Ray Ban and Oakley. We will show you how to defend against it. iCloud Spam in the form of fake Ray Ban and Oakley […]

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Electronic waste collects in many households. You can easily recycle it.
What to do with electronic waste?: Tips for disposal of computers, mobile phones etc.

Where should you dispose of your electronic waste? Christmas is approaching and the amount of electronic waste will increase in many households. This is because people will hope to be getting a new smartphone, PC or laptop under the tree. And who wouldn’t be happy about that! But what do you do with your old […]

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Buying gifts online is becoming increasingly popular.
Gifts online: Beware of internet scams

Christmas is approaching and more and more of us are buying our gifts online. But security company Kaspersky Lab have warned against rogue vendors on the Internet that roam on approved platforms. You should be exercising extreme caution when buying online. Read on to find out what you have to pay attention to, to avoid […]

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Be quiet Offers a real innovation in housing. We show why it has made the part in our Gaming PC Trends 2017
Gaming PC Trends: Hardware and Software Tips for 2017

The year is slowly drawing to a close and the new gaming PC trends are already being announced. Powerful graphics cards, adaptive housings and powerful games await you in 2017. There are so many computer components coming out all the time. It gets more and more difficult to keep up to date with the new […]

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Super Mario Run from Nintendo brings the classic game to the iPhone and iPad.
Super Mario Run: Jump’n’run classic for Smartphone

Collecting coins, jumping over small monsters, and finally reaching the flagpole – Super Mario Run is the latest addition to Nintendo, which will be available on the App Store from December 15th. Free, but with a big “but”. Because only a small demo version is really free. What can you expect from the games classic […]

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Under “Settings” and “Data usage” you will find the evaluation of your data volume.
Save data volume saving: Tips to combat a congested Internet

To save data, do you stay off the internet? – Maybe not. As soon as you are outside a wireless network, each video and every Facebook update uses a lot of high-speed data volume. Read on for tips on simple counter-measures that get the most out of your tariff. If you travel lot, you may […]

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Safety gap in the home router.
Router Vulnerabilities: Secure Password needed for routers

Beware! There are serious safety breaches in home routers. 15 percent of routers are only protected with a weak password and the default username “admin”. A comprehensive test by the security experts from security software maker ESET, have now found in a comprehensive test. 12,000 routers were examined anonymously and the result is frightening. In […]

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