Robust, durable, versatile: this is the Samsung SSD 860 EVO.
Laptop slow? – Upgrade your laptop with the Samsung EVO

Laptop slow? Upgrade your laptop with the Samsung EVO What could the problem be? Your laptop is slow because it isn’t up to date. But if your laptop is too slow for you, you might not be ready to throw it away just yet. We have the solution for you: With a Samsung EVO, your laptop can […]

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There is an error with the Push notification
Push notification missing? – Error after Android 8 update

We all rely on them –  Push notifications on your smartphone show which app has received a message. But after the Android 8 update there appears to be errors. Users report that they are no longer receiving a push notification even though they are turned on in the settings. What can you do? We’ll tell […]

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Download music for free: Quickly done but not legal
Download music for free – File sharing, etc. – what is permitted?

Downloading music for free – even years after Napster, Kazaa, Limewire and suchlike, exchanges and file sharing services are as popular as ever. But when are you actually doing something illegal, and who is liable when members of your household download music for free? We have the answers. Numerous courts have already dealt with music […]

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Watch out for pop-up competition scams, they can steal your data
Pop-up competition scam – Surveys are fake

If a pop-up competition appears in a new window, watch out! Con-artists are trying to fool you into disclosing personal data with fake competitions. But there is no competition taking place – your data is being misused for advertising purposes.  The fraudsters use a variety of strategies to get their hands on your data. Particularly sought-after products […]

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Don’t be tempted to buy prescription drugs online without a prescription
Be cautious about fake online shops – Some even allow you to buy drugs without a medical prescription

Have you ever wanted to buy a prescription drug without a prescription? You certainly can’t do it at the pharmacy next door. But if you choose an Internet pharmacy, you will also need the prescription. That is … unless you find pharmacies on the Net that require no prescription.  Are Internet pharmacies allowed to sell […]

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