Pop-up competition scam – Surveys are fake

Watch out for pop-up competition scams, they can steal your data

If a pop-up competition appears in a new window, watch out! Con-artists are trying to fool you into disclosing personal data with fake competitions. But there is no competition taking place – your data is being misused for advertising purposes. 

The fraudsters use a variety of strategies to get their hands on your data. Particularly sought-after products are used to try and entice you. It’s usually something like a competition to win an Apple iPhone X, and all you have to do is answer a few short questions. We explain to you in our blog why this is dangerous.

Pop-up competitions are scams

In order to lure you into a trap, fraudsters who are particularly adept, have designed a fake competition. When you are surfing on a web site and a pop-up window opens up, this window cannot be clicked away. Your attention is drawn to the pop-up competition that promises an iPhone X simply for participating.

The fraudsters want to look respectable, so they developed a strategy to appear as a legitimate company that’s conducting a survey. Company names such as Google, Microsoft and O2 are popular with them. To participate, all you have to do is answer three quick and easy questions. They appear to be asking about customer satisfaction. When you consent to take part in the competition, you might also be agreeing that the data entered can be used for advertising purposes. In the worst case, you will be called and bombarded with other fake competitions. In order to stop this happening you need to To prevent this, you should click away the fake competition straight away.

Pop-up competition cannot be clicked away

Is it impossible to click away the pop-up? What can you do if the fake pop-up competition keeps reappearing? If you are surfing in the browser on your PC or laptop, you must close the browser window completely and then go to the settings of your browser. You’ll find an option there for emptying the browser cache. Various data is stored temporarily in the cache. Empty the browser cache and make sure the cookies are deleted as well. Cookies are small files that some web sites store on your computer so that these web sites recognise when you visit them again and show you the right setting in advance. On your mobile phone, you can also go to the settings of your browser and delete the browser data under “Data protection”. Now the fake competition should no longer appear.

Fake competitions are popular

That fake competitions attempting to tap your personal data is nothing new.  With this method, the fraudsters try to appear legitimate by disguising the fake contest as a survey. The thank-you gifts for you are particularly sought-after products such as the iPhone X. Nevertheless, your personal data is misused for especially irritating advertising.