Amazon Fraud: No end in sight to the fake shops

If you shop at Amazon fake shops, you could be waiting in vain for the truck with its goods. The Amazon fraud has been running for years.

On a daily basis, Amazon fictitious goods worth over 400 million pounds are uploaded to fake shops after dozens of seller accounts were hacked. This particular Amazon fraud has been running for about four years.

And the online retailer apparently can find no way to protect either its sellers in the Amazon Marketplace, nor the buyers, from the criminals. Read on to find out how you can protect yourself from these criminals and what the alternatives are, to shopping on Amazon.

Amazon fraud has been running for years

The current Amazon fraud has been running for about four years. Still, fraudsters find it easy to hijack vendor data and take over their stores. The result is a huge amount of fictitious goods, which can not be purchased. And what does Amazon make of all this?  Does the online retailer takes fake shops seriously when they learn about them?

Amazon Fraud on Amazon Marketplace

How does the Amazon fraud happen? After an account and thus a shop is taken over, the fraudsters change the item state or seller name. Instead of showing information about the article, you will receive an email address. Afterwards you receive a fake Amazon order confirmation with payment instructions as well as a bank connection. The goods are then paid to a foreign account, the money usually goes to Romania or Italy. But you will not get the goods yourself. It was only in November that a fraud ring was busted in Romania. They had ripped off online shoppers in big style .

Amazon itself says that it will delete invalid offers immediately. With the number of fake shops – an average of 12 are discovered every day – the online retailer obviously does not see any reason to increase it’s protective measures for dealers and buyers.