EvilEye spy software: Spyware pirates take over webcam by e-mail

EvilEye is here. You will get spying software by e-mail on your computer.

If you get an e-mail that promises you cheap air travel, Beware! It may not necessarily mean something good. The appendix probably contains EvilEye, an espionage software. The Trojans pirate your webcam and spy on you.

How the spyware gets on to your computer, how you can protect yourself from EvilEye and what it does, we will explain to you if you read on….

Spy software EvilEye

EvilEye is the name of the latest espionage software. This is spyware, a snooping program that takes over your webcam and analyses your surfing behavior. The spyware will send your data to third parties without your knowledge. And they use your data to offer you matching products according to your surfing. Third parties then will then get money from your clicks on the advertisements.

Webcam espionage 

Also it uses the webcam espionage to spy on you. However, it does not analyse your surfing habits, but looks closely at your environment and analyses which product names are to be found. EyilEye is not only able to recognise stationary logos, but also products that it can see in the background. For example, if you swig a bottle of cola at the computer or grab a bag of Haribo.  Later, you’ll get personalised advertising that the criminals earn from with every click. At the same time, the advertising of previously visited Internet sites by EvilEye is blocked.

How does EvilEye get on the computer?

But how does espionage software EvilEye manage to get onto your computer? The criminals have once again thought of something clever. It starts quite harmlessly with an e-mail that lands in your mailbox. In the e-mail, they advertise attractively priced air travel. You are able to see where the destinations are, when you open the appendix. Then you don’t worry because there is a seemingly harmless Excel document. If you activate the macros on the request, the spyware will pirate your computer and take over the webcam.

How to stop the spyware

To ensure that EvilEye does not even reach your computer, you should never activate macros in files, which are sent to you from an unknown source. If you are curious and want to see the cheap flights, you will not notice Spyware EvilEye after your webcam has taken over your computer. You would probably only notice when the advertisements change over time. If the ads that appear during surfing are more important to you than before, because you use such or similar products, you should definitely activate your virus scanner.

Antivirus programs detect Spyware EvilEye

Antivirus programs already recognise the first versions of Spyware EvilEye – but not all versions.  If you want to learn more, read the article about how to protect yourself.