Fake Google Support: Phishing mail from Google

A real mail from Google support, which warns against a fraud attempt.

If you get a warning from Google Support via email, you can be almost certain it’s a phishing email.

Fraudsters are sending out an e-mail as if there is an issue with your Google mail account. Read our blog to find out why it is dangerous to click on the links in such emails.

Everyone who owns an Android smartphone has it linked to a Google Account. When you set up your smartphone, you must sign in with your Google account. This can be exploited by fraudsters.

Phishing Mail comes from alleged Google Support

Be careful when you receive a mail from Google Support and do not click on a link in the email. The wording of these e-mails to you is as follows: “Notification Service Reporting: We just sent you an email that must be read From : The Google Support. You can also unsubscribe from these emails or change your notification settings.

Email does not come from Google Support

But Google Support does not send these mails. Con-artists are trying to direct you to an external website. This is where you will then enter passwords for your accounts. This is a classic phishing attempt. The fraudsters and hackers assume that you are concerned about the security of your devices or accounts. Beware though, because you will not receive any emails like this from Google Support.

Google warns of fraud by Google mail logins

Google actually does send important emails sometimes, which point to fraud attempts. If, for example, someone with your Gmail account and your password logs in from a previously unknown place, i.e in another country, Google blocks this login. It may also be that a Google alert is sent by mail. Google have advice on how to avoid and report phishing emails. The screenshot shows a mail that really comes from Google and points out that your password was used to sign in from an unknown place. Google describes where and how the attempt took place. Google has prevented both the login and advises to change the password immediately.