New WhatsApp version: Sending Documents makes it easy for Trojans

The new WhatsApp version allows you to send documents.

Have you noticed that there is a new WhatsApp version? Now you can send different types of documents easily. On one hand this is great news, but on the other, it could spell trouble. The new feature makes it easy for Trojans to access your smartphone.

We will show you how to send documents via WhatsApp and why this could be dangerous for the security of your mobile phone.

New Whatsapp version: Sending documents

Since 2016 you can send pictures and videos, but also now you can send documents via WhatsApp. However, this was only for a small number of file formats. But the new version of WhatsApp makes it possible so that you can also send archive files or apps. In addition, it should be possible to send uncompressed photos in RAW format, ZIP folder and APK files. How does it work? Very easily! Simply tap “Attachments” in chat, then “Documents”. Here you can select the files you want to send via WhatsApp.

Caution zip files
However, this new function also carries risks. Because zip files are very popular with criminals, to spread malicious software. Zip files are the means of choice to infect computers, via email attachments.

Beware of APK files
And APK files are executable programs for Android, which you can install on your mobile phone. They are available as apps outside the Google PlayStore. If you get these files via WhatsApp, you should not install them. The risk that you will allow viruses, Trojans or Ransomware directly onto your device, is just too big. It isn’t known yet, whether WhatsApp has already installed a virus scanner for these dangers.

New Whatsapp Version: new YouTube feature

In addition, WhatsApp gets a new YouTube feature which is available in the beta version, but only for iOS at the moment. Up until now, when you watched a YouTube video, you left the messenger and switched to the YouTube app. This happened automatically as soon as you clicked on the video. But you couldn’t chat with your mates about it at the same time as watching the video. But this is changing. Because in the future the video will be displayed directly in Messenger as a small movie, while you can write about it at the same time. WhatsApp gets a picture-in-picture mode. WABetaInfo shows how this works in landscape mode, ie, landscape format. But this also works, of course, if you keep your smartphone upright as usual.

New YouTube feature so far only for some iPhones

Currently there is the new YouTube feature in WhatsApp for the following devices: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S +, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. When it is available for other iPhones come, is not clear. It is also not known if and when the feature will be available for Android and Windows Phones.

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