Nintendo Switch Emulator is Fake: Subscription trap at download

Screenshot of the download site for the alleged Nintendo Switch emulator software.

How can you play Nintendo Switch Games on the PC? Wouldn’t that be great! Supposedly a website on the Internet offers a Nintendo Switch emulator, which will bring the Switch games to the PC. However, this is not possible and the website tries to take advantage with a fake download.

A Nintendo Switch emulator is currently doing the rounds on the Internet. This emulator software is designed to allow you to play Nintendo games on the PC. The emulator software is, however, another  subscription scam. Read on to find out what you should do about this trap.

Nintendo Switch Emulator is a fake

Screenshot of the download site for the alleged Nintendo Switch emulator software.

The software is supposed to be a kind of Nintendo Switch Simulator for the PC. But behind the alleged emulator for the console lurks a potential fraud. If you click on the emulator website download link, a window opens and you have to click on three mobile games. These mobile games must be clicked to get to the next step. If you click on one of the three mobile games, you then have to enter your mobile number. But Beware! – You should not do this under any circumstances, as you are completing a subscription for this game. The mobile phone subscription for these games means that you have to pay a monthly amount that applies to these games. Nintendo has nothing to do with this. Since it is not yet possible to play Nintendo Switch games on the PC.

Switch Emulator Download is a subscription trap

Other websites also report that after inputting the mobile number, a web page is reached where there is no usable software for downloading. And the criminals can get access to your money. There is a project for this alleged Nintendo Switch emulator software on a publicly accessible platform for developers. But it contains no software except two unusable documents. The subscription costs you £5 a month, for which you don’t get the promised PC games.

Nintendo console is very successful

No wonder the scammers have just focused on the Nintendo Switch console. The console sold 1.5 million units in the first two sales weeks. The fake Nintendo Switch is trying to cater for people who buy the games console by offering for the subscription mobile games. They are very popular with younger gamers. These are – Cut the Rope, King of Thieves and Pacman. There are screenshots from the popular “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” on the download page. In addition, on the website even a YouTube video with alleged gameplay of a new Zelda game is shown. The new Zelda game for the Nintendo console is very popular.

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