PC doesn’t recognise your mobile phone: Our tips

PC doesn’t recognise mobile phone? Try our tips.

When you connect your smartphone to your PC or laptop, does it always recognise it? If not, rest assured that this is a relatively common occurrence. We will give you tips on how to make sure  your computer recognise your mobile phone.

If you want to transfer photos or music from one device to the other, you must connect the mobile phone to your PC or notebook. Unfortunately, very often your computer will not recognise your smartphone and cannot establish a connection.

PC doesn’t recognise your mobile phone

Easy solution: Restart your phone. This well-known IT trick works well when your computer suddenly no longer recognises the mobile phone. So just restart the smartphone and then connect it again to the computer and see if it recognises it now.

Change the USB cable or replace the port

Check the connection through the cable to make sure the PC has recognised that a device is connected. There could be a bend in the connector or a crack in the cable. Try a different cable to see if the issue lies there. Another possible reason why the computer does not recognise the mobile phone could be the USB port. If this is defective or has dust accumulated inside, it could mean that the USB cable isn’t connecting to the computer correctly. Our tip: First, clean the USB port – both the computer and the smartphone. This works best with a thin brush that does not have hair or very carefully with a toothpick. Try to connect your mobile phone to the PC via another USB port.

Latest Smartphone Driver?

The problem ”PC does not recognise mobile phone” does not necessarily have to be the USB cable, port or the mobile itself. If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone for example, the reason it is not connecting could be due to an outdated or faulty driver. To find out if this is the case: Connect your mobile phone to the computer and bring up “System control” via the start menu, then open the Windows device manager. Then select the “USB Controller” and click with the right mouse button on the driver indicated there. Often there is the name of the manufacturer like Samsung. Uninstall this driver and then connect your mobile phone to the computer. The system automatically searches for a driver again and downloads the latest version.