Secret Farmville Tips: Farmville 2 for Android and PC

Farmville Tips: Play a strategy game on mobile phones and laptops

Do you  like to play Farmville on your smartphone? Did you know that you can play Farmville on your PC too? We will tell you the best secret Farmville tips.

If you have a Windows laptop and have Windows 8 or Windows 10 installed on it, you may have stumbled across the Farmville 2 app in the Windows Store. Doesn’t interest me, you thought! You would have to start the game again from the beginning and that’s just heartbreaking. But that’s not true! We’ll explain how you can play Farmville 2 on the laptop without losing your beautiful farm.

Farmville Tips: Play it on your laptop

If you installed Farmville 2 on your phone, you would have started with a new game. Farmville 2 starts with an empty farm, which you have to create from scratch. Even if you have already played the game before. How do you manage to continue running Farmville 2 on your laptop or mobile phone? You must connect Farmville to Facebook. On the iPhone and Android app, you can also connect Farmville to Google Play Game Center. If you want to connect Farmville to Facebook, bear in mind that the app accesses your profile. However, Farmville does not post anything without your consent to your Facebook Timeline.

Restore Farmville 2

How do you manage to keep your farm when you get a new mobile phone or laptop? If you connected Farmville 2 to Facebook, your game is automatically saved online. But then this happens: Farmville starts and everything is gone!! The game starts again, and does not seem to keep any of your history. If you want to continue with Farmville 2, you need to do the following: Install Farmville 2 on your laptop or mobile phone, start up and play up to Level 4-5. Then you have the option to go into the settings and connect to Facebook. If you have connected Farmville 2 to Facebook, the following happens. On the phone screen or laptop screen, the following message appears: Saved in the cloud and stored on device. An indication of days and hours and minutes when the game was last played. You have to choose the Farmville game from the cloud! Otherwise your old Farmville data will be lost. If you choose the Farmville game from the Cloud, your old farm will be loaded and you can continue as usual.